TurnKey Tech Staffing Pricing Model: Why Is It a Benefit for You

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When you are looking for a recruitment solution, what factors do you consider? Quality of hires, approach to screening candidates, and… pricing. While money is never the only decisive factor, you always evaluate the “value–price” ratio. In TurnKey Tech Staffing, we come up with a pricing approach that protects you as a client and stimulates us to do the best work we can. You might ask: how is it possible? Well, let us explain!

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How Does Our Pricing Model Work?

TurnKey Tech Staffing pricing is not something you will see on the recruitment or tech staffing markets often. But let’s begin from the start.

The majority of recruitment firms work the following way: they find a person you decide to hire, and now you need to pay them a whole hiring fee at once – usually, the fee amounts to 20-25% of the annual salary of a hire. So, if you hire a specialist, say, with an annual salary of 60k, you need to pay around $12-15k to the agency that helped you. That’s certainly a big investment, considering that you are also starting to pay salary and benefits to the hired person.

But what if you made a mistake and the person you hired is a bad match? Or does something unpredictable happen in the life of a new hire, and they decide to leave your company in 3 months? Basically, you have just invested a significant sum into the acquisition of new talent. They won’t get to 100% productivity from day one – they need time to build connections to the team, learn the company’s approaches and policies, understand the flow, etc. This ramp-up period depends on the role, but usually, it takes 12 months to reach their full performance potential, according to Gallup. So, if the new hire quits before that, you lose a lot of money – including the significant fee you have paid to the recruitment agency. 

Therefore, this traditional model implies a big risk for businesses. A bad understanding of the specialist’s character or unpredictable life events can cost you a lot, as you spend a huge sum on hiring a person without any actual payoff.

TurnKey’s founders Sterling Lanier and Boris Glants encountered this challenge when they ran their previous companies. That’s how our pricing model was born – from the personal experience of seasonal entrepreneurs who have seen all the ins and outs of running a tech business.

So, the TurnKey model also implies that you pay a fee for a hired person with one game-changing difference. Instead of charging you all the sum upon recruiting a new person, we split it into 18 payments. You pay them monthly, but only if the hired person is still working within your company. If a hire quits. e.g., after 3 months, you have paid only a ⅙ of the whole price and aren’t under obligation to pay the rest. 

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The Benefits of Our Pricing Model

As you can see, our pricing is designed to protect our clients from losing money. We bear the consequences of a bad hire instead of you, and this makes us interested in connecting you with candidates that are 100% match for your request. We have one of the most thorough screening processes on the market (read more about it here), and it allows us to connect you with a top 3% talent in the top offshoring regions – Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Moreover, it also pushes us to work hard to retain the perfect candidates within your team for at least 3 years. We do that pretty well: the retention rate of developers we hire for our clients stays at 95%, and the average tenure is 3 years. 

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Our pricing model is a part of the equation that allows us to deliver high-quality tech staffing services, as it ensures:

  • great quality of hires (we don’t keep bench and always do custom recruiting);
  • reduced financial risk for our clients – if something goes wrong with a new hire, you won’t have huge losses, as with traditional recruitment firms;
  • minimized financial pressure, as a significant fee is split into smaller monthly payments;
  • high retention and tenure of hired developers’ within your company.

TurnKey Tech Staffing model is perfect for fast-growing tech companies and startups that look for strong tech talent for a long-term commitment. However, if you need developers for short-term projects, our services might be not the best match. You can use hiring platforms like Toptal or hire offshore developers yourself.

Hire offshore developers with minimal financial risks with TurnKey Tech Staffing

Summing Up

All our services are built around helping our clients hire top tech talent easily and efficiently. Our focus on quality, as well as our pricing model and collaborative approach, drive us further to improve and innovate. TurnKey Tech Staffing aims to be your reliable partner that you can count on – that’s why we are always looking out for you. 


What is the unique aspect of TurnKey Tech Staffing's pricing model compared to traditional recruitment agencies?

TurnKey Tech Staffing's pricing model differs significantly from traditional recruitment agencies by charging a fee split into 18 monthly payments rather than demanding a full hiring fee upfront. This model ensures you only continue payments as long as the hired individual remains employed with your company. If the hire leaves prematurely, such as within 3 months, you are only liable for a portion of the fee, reducing financial risks and pressure.

How does TurnKey Tech Staffing ensure the quality of hires?

TurnKey Tech Staffing maintains a rigorous candidate screening process aimed at connecting clients with the top 3% of talent from key offshoring regions like Latin America and Eastern Europe. This thorough vetting process is designed to match candidates who are a perfect fit for your specific requirements, ensuring high quality of hires and minimizing the risk of a mismatch.

Who can benefit most from TurnKey Tech Staffing’s services, and who might not find it as beneficial?

TurnKey Tech Staffing's services are ideally suited for fast-growing tech companies and startups that require strong, long-term tech talent commitments. Due to the nature of the pricing model and service structure, companies needing tech talent for shorter-term projects might not find this model as advantageous. For such needs, other platforms like Toptal or direct hiring of offshore developers may be more appropriate.

June 27, 2024

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