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Imagine a dream scenario: you are looking for a senior developer for your software development team, and the first person you interviewed is the perfect match technically and culturally. Sounds ideal, right? You don’t need to suffer through a months-long search, go through numerous CVs, or conduct dozens of interviews… 

Well, finding the right person on the first try is a matter of luck, but there is a way how you can increase your chances for a short but successful recruitment process. The key is cooperating with TurnKey. As an offshore tech staffing company, we have developed a candidate screening system that allows us to find and present you top 5 candidates that meet your requirements on the highest level. This means that you need to process no more than five people for the position – or sometimes even less! These candidates are already pre-vetted by our recruitment team which does a thorough screening and picks specialists who match your requirements on the highest level. 

So what does our vetting process entail? Let us explain it to you.

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Step 1: Gathering the Requirements

To find you a developer of your dreams, first, we need to understand who you envision. Our recruiters, together with a technical coordinator and a technical interviewer, jump on a call with you to find out the requirements for desired specialists: what kind of experience the person should have, years of experience, programming languages, what programming languages and tools they need to know and what their soft skills should be. 

This information allows us to do the precise search. The more details you can share with us – the bigger chance is that we will find candidates you want to see as a part of your team.

Step 2: Talent Sourcing

We launch a custom search for your candidate. We don’t keep a bench like other staffing companies, as we consider this practice ineffective and misleading for both – the hiring company and software engineers. Therefore, our recruitment team uses an established strategy to source the appropriate candidates from the top 3% of the Eastern European and Latin American tech workforce.

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Step 3: TurnKey’s HR Screening

Before presenting anyone to you, we need to ensure that a candidate is the right fit for you. We start with a comprehensive HR interview to understand candidates:

  • communication skills;
  • approach to handling conflict situations;
  • ability to collaborate (are they a team player, or do they perform better as a single unit?);
  • independence in doing their work;
  • motivation and career goals;
  • previous experience and scope handled;
  • English proficiency;
  • cultural fit.

Our recruiters can use several methods to assess the skills mentioned. Behavioral interview questions are effective for understanding a candidate’s past experiences and how they handle various situations, such as teamwork, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. Situational questions can present hypothetical scenarios to gauge a candidate’s adaptability and decision-making skills. To evaluate communication skills and cultural fit, recruiters usually observe how candidates express themselves and interact. Also, reference checks can provide insights into a candidate’s work ethic, leadership potential, and overall performance from previous employers.

Step 4: TurnKey’s Tech Screening

If the candidates successfully pass HR screening, we move them to the tech screening stage. Our tech interviews are the strongest aspect of our screening, as they are experienced developers who understand the ins and outs of working with the required tech stack.  This makes their evaluation highly precise and reliable.

Typically, our tech interview includes both theoretical and practical questions. Depending on the position’s seniority and specific requirements, tech interviews may also ask a candidate to complete a coding task. 

Step 5: Candidate Presentation

When the candidate successfully passes through both screenings, we share their CV and feedback on their technical proficiency and soft skills with our clients. Usually, we present the 5 strongest candidates within 21 days. However, positions that are more difficult to recruit (full-stack, C-suite roles, architects, etc.) might take a little longer, as a limited number of such candidates are on the market. 

After you select the candidate you want to consider, we hand over the reins to your side. You get the opportunity to interview and assess the candidates directly, whether you prefer to assign test tasks, do a tech interview, or do a cultural fit evaluation – or all of them.

Thanks to our thorough internal screenings, our clients usually decide to hire someone from the five candidates we presented – so that’s the point when the hiring process comes to its successful ending. 

Step 6: Onboarding & Integration

Once you have selected, we handle all the necessary paperwork, contracts, and arrangements to seamlessly onboard the chosen candidates into your team.

The Unique Appeal of TurnKey’s Screening Process

Our recruitment process has been shaped by our experience and drive to deliver the most value for our clients. That’s why we do one of the most thorough screening on the market – other staffing companies usually conduct only an HR interview and immediately turn the candidate to the client. As you can guess, this practice puts more strain on you, as now your team needs to do the majority of the evaluation yourself and process numerous candidates. 

With TurnKey’s candidate screening, you get a number of benefits:

  • You save the time and effort of your hiring team. TurnKey does all the heavy lifting with searching and filtering out candidates who aren’t an optional match for your open position.
  • You need to process 5 candidates at most. Say goodbye to dozens of interviews and assessments that overwhelm your hiring team.
  • You get a sample of top candidates within 21 days. We know how to find fitting candidates quickly, so your process of hiring developers doesn’t stretch for months.
  • You get crème de la crème tech specialists from powerful offshoring locations – Eastern Europe and Latin America.
  • You get a trusted partner – TurnKey Tech Staffing that handles not only hiring, but retention (we know how to make hired developers stay with you for at least 3 years), as well as legal and payroll responsibilities (we offer a boutique-like EOR service, so you don’t need to worry about international payments or compliance).
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Hire developers that are a 100% match for your company with TurnKey Tech Staffing

Summing Up

Recently, we have envisioned one of our goals: a scenario where we constantly manage to find the ideal developers for our clients in the span of one day, from the first try. Of course, this could be possible only in the movie – the real world works differently. But this goal drives us to become better and more helpful to our clients – that’s why we have established this multi-staged screening process. And it bears fruit – the feedback of our customers is a testament to that.

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What are the benefits of using TurnKey's screening process for tech staffing?

The benefits of using TurnKey's screening process include:

  • Time and effort savings. TurnKey handles the extensive search and initial filtering, saving the client’s hiring team significant time and effort.
  • Quality over quantity. Clients only need to evaluate up to 5 pre-vetted candidates, avoiding the need for numerous interviews and assessments.
  • Quick turnaround. TurnKey can provide a sample of top candidates within 21 days, ensuring a faster hiring process.
  • Access to skilled tech talent. Clients gain access to a top-tier global talent pool from Eastern Europe and Latin America.
  • Comprehensive support. TurnKey not only assists with hiring but also offers a retention program, and legal, and payroll support, ensuring a smooth and compliant integration of new hires into the client’s team.

What makes TurnKey's approach to talent sourcing unique?

TurnKey's approach to talent sourcing is unique due to:

  • Custom searches. Unlike other staffing companies that maintain a bench of candidates, TurnKey conducts custom searches tailored to the specific needs of each client, ensuring a better fit.
  • Top 3% talent pool. The recruitment team sources candidates from the top 3% of the tech workforce in Eastern Europe and Latin America, ensuring access to highly skilled professionals.
  • Strategic sourcing. Using an established strategy, TurnKey identifies and attracts the best candidates for each role, avoiding the inefficiencies and mismatches common with pre-bench candidates.

How does TurnKey's technical screening process differ from other staffing companies?

TurnKey's technical screening process is distinguished by:

  • Experienced interviewers. Technical interviews are conducted by developers with hands-on experience in the required tech stack, ensuring accurate and in-depth assessment.
  • Comprehensive evaluation. The process includes both theoretical and practical questions, as well as coding tasks if necessary, to thoroughly evaluate the candidates' technical skills.
  • Precise matching. The technical screening is designed to ensure that candidates not only possess the required skills but can also apply them effectively in real-world scenarios, leading to a higher success rate in matching the right candidates to the job.

May 29, 2024

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