Hiring Front End Dedicated Development Teams – Your Essential Playbook

Hiring Front End Dedicated Development Teams – Your Essential Playbook

Consider it the Ying and Yang of software development.  Backend developers like to brag that front end developers can’t live without them, but the opposite is also true: no piece of good software can launch without a stellar front end, making front-end developers an integral part of any dedicated software development team.

More specifically, the front end is responsible for how a software product looks and functions, from layout and design to responsiveness and animations. The front-end developer’s job is translating the product’s overall design into code and ensuring it displays correctly across different browsers and devices.

Not surprisingly, demand for front-end developers has risen in recent years as more and more startups shift their operations online or build software into their products. In fact, LinkedIn lists over 17,000 front end jobs currently available in the US alone (which is one reason so many folks look to hire these positions offshore).

So with such a frenzy for front end developers, it’s important that you have a gameplan for sourcing and hiring the best ones.  Ready to get started?  Let’s go!

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What is Front End Software Development?

Front end software development is the creation of the parts of a website or software application that users interact with directly. This includes designing user interfaces, implementing functionality, and ensuring that the front end is compatible with various web browsers. 

Front-end developers work closely with other team members, such as back-end developers and designers, to create a seamless product. In addition to coding skills, front end developers need a strong understanding of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design principles to create intuitive and visually appealing websites, mobile apps and core software applications.

Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Front End Development Team

There are many advantages to hiring an offshore dedicated front end development team, but these are the ones you’ll hear most from engineering leaders:

More Scalable Design

A dedicated front end dev team can ensure that your product is attractive and scalable. They work with other parts of the product development organization to build software that can quickly adapt to changes in technology and market demands.

In addition, the front end team can help test and optimize the user experience, making it easier for customers to use your product. By investing in a front end development team, you’re not just getting a visually pleasing software design—you’re getting one that will stand the test of time.

Improved User Experience

Hiring a front end development team can significantly improve the user experience for your customers. These engineers specialize in creating engaging web design, efficient website navigation, and intuitive interfaces. This not only helps to attract potential customers but also keeps current ones happy and coming back for more. These improvements in user experience can lead to an increase in conversion rates and customer loyalty—and thus have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Why wait? Invest in a front end development team and see the awesome benefits for yourself.

Easier and Faster Updates

Instead of having to work with multiple external contractors or outsourcing agencies, offshore dedicated development teams provide a much more streamlined process for updating or upgrading the platform. This translates into not only faster updates but also less frustration and miscommunication.

Moreover, having a team specifically focused on front end development means they can quickly identify and solve any issues that arise, keeping your mobile app or software application running smoothly.

Lower Software Maintenance Cost

When it comes to software development, it is not enough to create version one of a product. Regular maintenance and upgrades are necessary to ensure the program continues running as advertised and addresses potential bugs.

To this end, hiring an offshore front end dedicated development team can help lower the overall cost of such maintenance. These specialists have the expertise and experience to quickly troubleshoot and fix any issues instead of having generalist developers try to address them. In addition, their specialized focus allows these developers to stay on top of emerging technologies and updates, ensuring that your software remains competitive in an ever-changing market.

Faster Speed to Market

Hiring a front end dedicated development team can be a game-changer for any startup or high growth company. By offshoring front-end development to an experienced team, you reduce the burden on your in-house team and streamline the development process. As a result, your startup can bring new products and updates to market faster and stay competitive in today’s rapidly advancing tech industry.

In addition, front-end developers can provide valuable feedback and insights about user experience, further enhancing your startup’s overall success. When it comes to front-end development, it pays to go with a dedicated team rather than trying to cobble together freelancers or over-burden an existing team with yet another task. The speed and expertise these dedicated developers bring to the table are usually worth every penny.

How to hire a front end dedicated development team? | TurnKey

When Do You Need to Hire Dedicated Front End Developers?

There are a wide range of scenarios when hiring a dedicated team of front end developers makes a ton of sense.  Here are the top use cases:

#1. When you need to develop a product from scratch

When creating software from the ground up, it’s essential to have a strong front-end development team since they are exclusively focused on how to optimize the front end experience and thus much more efficient in their efforts. Additionally, dedicated development teams usually create higher quality as well since the developers are experts in their field (versus full stack developers that are stretched thin in multiple directions).

#2. When you need to develop a front end solution

A crucial component of any good piece of software is the front end. Finding experienced and dedicated front-end developers who can turn your software vision into a reality is essential for creating an attractive and high quality product. And these developers stay up-to-date on all the latest technologies, trends, and design practices to make sure your product remains more innovative than competitive alternatives.

Don't compromise on front-end development—hire awesome dedicated front end teams now. We’re the experts.

#3. When your product needs to be updated or upgraded

Having a dedicated development team on your front end means that updates can be implemented promptly and efficiently, giving you an edge over competitors who may still rely on freelancers or in-house developers with limited front-end developer duties. Speed wins!

#4. When your team lacks the required skills or expertise

Hiring dedicated front end experts can fill gaps in your team’s skillset and bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table. In addition, dedicated front-end developers can ensure that your software development stays on track. They can handle tasks efficiently and accurately, preventing costly mistakes and helping to meet deadlines.

What Are the Primary Duties of a Front End Developer?

The front-end development team is responsible for designing and implementing the visual elements of a website, mobile app or software application, including layout, styling, and interaction. They convert designs from a graphic or UI/UX designer into code, using languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Front end developers also work closely with the back-end development team to ensure that the user interface functions properly and smoothly with the underlying technology. In addition to building the initial design, front-end developers also handle maintenance and updates to the website, mobile app or software application. The front end team plays a crucial role in creating a positive user experience by making sure that the software looks visually appealing and runs smoothly.

How to hire a front end dedicated development team? | TurnKey

What Are the Types of Front End Developers – and What Technologies are Used Most in Front End Development?

When designing a website, mobile app or piece of software, one of the most critical tasks a company needs to take is choosing the right front-end developer. But with so many different types and specialties, how do you know the best fit for your project? Let’s break down some of the most common categories of front-end developers.

  • First, there are UI developers who specialize in designing user interfaces that are both visually appealing and highly functional.
  • Then there are UX developers who focus on improving the overall user experience by ensuring ease of navigation and streamlined interactions. 
  • A third type of front-end developer is a web accessibility specialist, who designs software and mobile apps to be accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.
  • Finally, some developers may have specific industry or platform expertise, such as e-commerce or WordPress development.

The best way to find the right front-end developer for your needs is to communicate your project goals and any specific requirements when interviewing software devs. A good developer will also be willing to continue learning and expanding their skill set to meet your expectations and deliver successful results.

And outside these specialties, you can further break down your front end developer options by level of experience, as outlined below.

How to hire a front end dedicated development team? | TurnKey

Junior Front-End Developer

Usually, juniors have 0 to 1 year of experience in front-end development products. When choosing a junior front-end developer, assess their skills and experience thoroughly to gauge whether the candidate is a good fit for your team and project needs and remember that cheaper isn’t always better.

The first place to start is with the candidate’s portfolio. Take a close look at the projects they’ve completed and determine their level of proficiency in coding and design fundamentals. It’s also helpful to conduct multiple interviews where you can ask about specific challenges they’ve faced and discuss their areas of expertise. 

Additionally, be sure to inquire about the length of time they’ve worked in the field and whether they have professional references from previous employers or colleagues. (Or…hire TurnKey to find and screen every candidate for you—voila!)

Essential skills for junior front-end developers:

  • JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. These are the necessary building blocks for being a good front end engineer.
  • JavaScript frameworks. Using JavaScript frameworks can streamline the development process by providing pre-written code for common programming tasks.
  • Responsive design. This means that an application can quickly adapt to whatever type of device or screen it's being viewed on, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Testing. The key to having a successful responsive design is regular testing. This allows developers to catch bugs and fix them before the product goes live. It also helps ensure that the product continues functioning properly as technology changes and new devices are released.

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Middle Front-End Developer

When hiring middle front end developers, replicate all the steps above but also insist on references you can speak to directly.  Evaluating their past projects also shows their technical abilities and attention to detail. Ultimately, the interview process is crucial in gauging a candidate’s fit for the job and team dynamic.

Essential skills for Middle front-end developers (in addition to what is listed for Junior):

  • UX/UI Design Expertise. Understanding UI/UX design is indispensable to creating user-friendly products that meet the needs and expectations of the audience.
  • CSS Preprocessors. As a mid-level front-end developer, it's crucial to have a solid understanding of CSS preprocessors. These tools allow for more efficient and modular CSS development, helping to ensure consistency across a product.
  • JavaScript Transpilers. It's also crucial for candidates to be familiar with JavaScript transpilers, which convert code from one language to another (such as TypeScript to JavaScript).

Senior Front-End Developer

When hiring a senior front-end developer, look not just at their technical skills and previous experience. It’s also essential to consider their personal qualities and how they will fit in with your team.

Asking for feedback from previous employers or clients can give insight into their technical abilities and how they work under pressure and manage challenges. It’s also essential to find out which tech stacks they have the most experience with, as this can make for a smoother transition to your project and team.

Essential skills for senior front-end developers (in addition to what is listed for Junior and Middle):

  • Mentorship. Senior developers must have strong interpersonal and leadership skills to teach and lead other team members.
  • Javascript & Web Services technology stack. This includes Webpack, JavaScript, and Object Notation.
  • Scrum Knowledge. A senior developer should be able to create feature releases following agile methodology, have experience facilitating scrum ceremonies, and participate in pair programming.
How to hire a front end dedicated development team? | TurnKey

How to Hire a Dedicated Front End Development Team?

Taking the following steps will ensure that you make a well-informed decision in bringing on a talented front-end developer with the skills and experience you need:

Step One: Define your product development requirements

When hiring a dedicated front end development team, the first step is clearly defining your product development requirements.  But to do so you will need to make a few key decisions, such as:

  • The technology the dedicated team should be proficient in.
  • The design specifications or branding guidelines that the team must adhere to.
  • The specific goals or milestones that the team will be responsible for achieving.
  • The communication style and working culture you prefer for the team to operate in.

Once you clearly understand your needs and goals, it will be easier to identify suitable candidates for the job.

Step Two: Determine an available budget for the development

Determining an available budget will help you narrow down your options and find the right team for your needs and financial limitations. In addition to a developer’s hourly rates, consider any potential costs for additional resources or training. Keep in mind that investing in a skilled front end development team can have long-term benefits for your startup, such as improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

Step Three: Contact an offshoring partner like TurnKey

Are you too swamped to dedicate the time and energy it takes to search for qualified candidates? Do you dread sifting through resumes and conducting interviews? TurnKey specializes in recruiting top talent from around the world, allowing you to delegate all the hassles to us. 

Offshore partnership saves your time and effort. Our insanely adept team will handle every aspect of the recruitment process, ensuring you are only presented with highly qualified candidates that exactly match your specs. Don’t waste more time and effort on recruiting—let TurnKey do it for you!

Step Four: Choose the required developer’s seniority and location

Consider the level of seniority you need for your team members. In some cases, junior developers may be enough to handle basic tasks. In other cases, you may require more experienced developers who can tackle complex challenges and provide valuable insights into the software development.

Next, think about where your team should be located. Do you want all the developers in one central location or are you fine with them being spread across multiple regions? And which location or region is best for you needs? (See below for some helpful guidance on this front.)

Step Five: Introduce the new dedicated team to your in-house or local team

Embed your dedicated team inside the overall product development organization in order to ensure that all teams are working together towards a common goal. The added resources and fresh perspective that dedicated teams bring will amplify your software development’s chance of outsized success.

Hiring a dedicated front end development team is a no-brainer if you want to build reliable – and reliably awesome – software.

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Where Should You Hire a Dedicated Front End Development Team?

The growing number of software developers around the world may seem like a dream come true for companies searching for top talent, but cost can often be a major factor in where to hire. 

Hiring reputable developers in the United States, Canada and Western Europe can be prohibitively expensive, especially for startups and high-growth companies. And while freelancers may offer lower rates, there is often a tradeoff in terms of expense and reliability.

One fantastic solution is to tap into talent pools in lower-cost regions that offer the same level of quality at highly affordable rates.  They also bring a diverse perspective to your software development efforts because they may think differently about problem-solving than the rest of the team (which is a good thing!).  Ultimately, while the rising number of developers is promising, prioritizing diversity and affordability can help you lock in the best talent for less. 

The most popular regions for building offshore dedicated front end development teams and best countries for offshore software development overall include:

Eastern Europe

When hiring a dedicated front end development team, Eastern Europe is often a top choice for many companies. This region has a vast pool of highly skilled and talented development professionals at rates that are often more reasonable than other regions.

In addition, many countries in Eastern Europe have lenient taxation policies for remote work. There is also a strong proficiency in English amongst the tech community, making communication smooth and seamless. And the region boasts a strong work culture and values dedication and productivity in its developers.

Moreover, Eastern Europe is home to numerous leading tech universities and a flourishing startup industry, meaning new talent is constantly entering the job market. Whether you’re looking for an experienced team or fresh perspectives, Eastern Europe provides countless options for finding the perfect front end development team for your needs.

Latin America

For companies in North America, Latin America offers a unique solution for software development: the benefits of offshoring with close time zone proximity to maintain effective communication. As a result, Latin American offshore services provide the perfect nearshore alternative for those looking for top-notch software development without sacrificing quality and supervision.

In particular, Latin America boasts a highly educated, English-speaking workforce in the technology sector, making it an attractive hub for international tech companies. As more and more companies prioritize cost-efficiency and startup growth, the advantages of Latin American offshore services will continue to draw attention from global markets. Based on our lengthy experience, you’d be remiss not to consider Latin America as your next nearshore destination.


When it comes to the global market for software development, Asia stands out as a significant player. With over 15 million expert developers and comparatively low hourly rates, companies in need of software solutions can save time and money by looking to the Asian market. 

But cost shouldn’t be the only factor considered when choosing a software development team. Asian countries are among the best destinations for offshore software development because they also have a strong track record in producing top-notch talent, making them a wise choice for any company seeking high-quality software solutions. However, some North American startups often choose a region other than Asia, given the significant time zone differences, which impacts collaboration and communication and can often negatively impact the quality of deliverables. Thus, Asia tends to be significantly less popular for companies in North America and Eastern Europe.

Why Should You Choose TurnKey to Hire Your Dedicated Front End Development Team?

Though it may require an initial investment, hiring dedicated front end developers can lead to a smoother and more successful software development process in the long run. So if your team lacks the necessary expertise or resources, don’t hesitate to bring on some talented outside help, especially from hot offshore talent markets like Eastern Europe and Latin America.

And when you turn for help, trust us that TurnKey is your best bet.  Unlike traditional offshoring, TurnKey’s model delivers what we call YOURshoring. We create fully dedicated teams tailored to meet YOUR specific and unique needs.

Our vast experience recruiting top talent in Eastern Europe and Latin America allows us to find top-notch developers with skills and expertise in all the technology areas that matter most to you.  Importantly, you also have complete control over the team as they integrate seamlessly into your existing team structure.

In short, YOURshoring ensures you get the best developers for your project without compromising on quality or control.

And when it comes to the headache of managing your company’s administrative processes, TurnKey is the cure-all here too. Our team handles all taxes, benefits, payroll, and legal matters related to offshore employment so you don’t have to. 

Our high annual developer retention rate shows that not only are we efficient in our work, but our developers also enjoy working with us and with you. And with a Silicon Valley-based account management team, you can rest assured that there will always be someone local to assist you with any concerns or questions.

Start building your dream team of front end devlopers today and enjoy all the benefits of yourshoring.


What is a dedicated software development team?

A dedicated software development team is a dedicated group of developers who work solely on one software development initiative for an extended period of time. This dedicated team usually includes all essential roles, including project managers, developers, testers, and designers. The dedicated development model allows for intense focus on the project and greater flexibility in meeting your specific needs and goals. As the team becomes familiar with the project over time, they can quickly identify and solve any challenges that may arise during the development process. Many dedicated software development teams are built offshore to take advantage of cost efficiencies.

Why hire dedicated developers instead of freelancers?

Unlike freelancers, dedicated developers only work for you. This saves time and energy on coordination and ensures that all tasks are completed with consistency and attention to detail. In the long run, investing in dedicated developers leads to smoother project execution and, ultimately, better results.

What makes a good development team?

A good development team fosters an environment of continuous learning, constantly seeking to improve individually and as a group. Every team member should feel comfortable speaking up and sharing their ideas while also being willing to listen to and consider the ideas of others. The team should have a transparent, collaborative process using primarily agile methodologies. Roadblocks should be addressed quickly and effectively for the team to stay on track with project goals.

What does a front-end developer do?

The front-end developer is responsible for designing and building the user interface for a website, mobile app or software product. This includes developing and implementing code for the visual layout, animations, and interactive elements present on a website's front end. Front-end developers work closely with designers to bring their designs to life, using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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