7 WordPress Developer Portfolios: Showcasing Talent from Around the World

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When it comes to building a stunning and functional WordPress website, you need a developer who can turn your vision into reality. WordPress is a versatile platform that powers millions of websites, and having a skilled developer by your side can make all the difference. 

To help you find the best WordPress developers, we’ve scoured platforms like Dev.to, Fiverr, Behance, Awwwards, and LinkedIn to bring you a list of talented individuals who have proven their expertise in WordPress development in 2023. 

I’m not suggesting that you contact these experts, but you can use their portfolios as a beacon of opportunities for developing projects on WordPress. This will definitely help you save money from spending too much on overpriced contractors. Of course, this is not a big problem if you need to improve your company’s blog. But if the project is at the level of a TechCrunch site, the price of a mistake reaches hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

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Best WordPress Developer Portfolios

1. Bill Erickson, WordPress Contributor

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Location: United States

Portfolio: Bill Erickson

Bill Erickson is a WordPress developer with a remarkable 15 years of experience. He has collaborated with a diverse range of clients, including large corporations, universities, advertising agencies, publishers, law firms, and non-profit organizations. In 2020, Bill co-founded CultivateWP, a WordPress agency specializing in high-performance websites for web publishers. Bill’s contributions to WordPress core, Genesis theme framework, and Genesis Shapers make him a true expert in the field.

2. Denny Digit, Pro

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Location: Israel

Portfolio: Denny Digit

Denny Digit is a professional web designer known for creating high-converting landing pages that generate leads and customers. With 7 years of experience, he has worked with market leaders and startups across various industries, including real estate, healthcare, tech, and SaaS. Denny’s expertise lies in designing and building cutting-edge landing pages and websites that leave a lasting impression.

3. Brilliant Webs, WordPress Master

Screenshot 2023 11 30 at 22.04.20

Location: Sri Lanka

Portfolio: Brilliant Webs

Brilliant Webs, based in Sri Lanka, has been crafting websites since the early days of the internet. Their approach involves combining SEO expertise with contemporary design to help businesses stand out in the crowded online marketplace. They offer bespoke custom-coded websites, enterprise-level e-commerce solutions, and specialize in WordPress CMS websites, empowering businesses to take control of their online content.

4. Nathan Reimnitz, Certified Expert

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Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Portfolio: Nathan Reimnitz

Nathan Reimnitz boasts over 15 years of experience in the web development industry. His extensive portfolio includes projects for companies of all sizes, from small mom-and-pop shops to publicly traded corporations. Nathan has excelled in growing organic search traffic for small businesses and maintaining websites with millions of annual page views.

5. Ricki Steigerwald, WordPress Developer

Screenshot 2023 11 30 at 22.07.10

Location: Norway, Michigan, United States

Portfolio: Ricki Steigerwald 

Ricki Steigerwald specializes in WordPress and member site design and support. With a background in information technology, project management, and virtual assistance, Ricki excels in understanding the unique needs of clients. He offers maintenance and customization for various website elements, including membership sites, shopping carts, forums, blogs, and marketing email templates.

6. Dinos Hamalis, WordPress Expert

Screenshot 2023 11 30 at 22.07.24

Location: Greece

Portfolio: Dinos Hamalis

Dinos Hamalis leads a creative digital marketing agency based in Greece. With prior experience in Miami and London, his agency focuses on assisting small and medium-sized businesses with their online needs. Dinos has worked on prestigious projects like the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade Official Website and TEDx Events Official Websites.

7. Riaad Arif, WordPress Expert

Screenshot 2023 11 30 at 22.07.48

Location: Bangladesh

Portfolio: Riaad Arif

Riaad Arif is a WordPress developer with extensive expertise. He specializes in creating customized and visually appealing websites aligned with clients’ goals. Riaad’s focus is on bringing digital visions to life using the WordPress platform.

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Where Can I Find WP Developers for My Team?

Finding the right WordPress developers to join your team is a crucial step in ensuring the success of your web projects. Fortunately, there are several avenues where you can discover WordPress developers’ portfolios of talented individuals with the skills you need.

  • Online Job Boards: Platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor are excellent places to post job listings and connect with potential candidates. You can specify your requirements and filter candidates based on their skills and experience.
  • Freelance Marketplaces: Websites like Fiverr and Upwork offer a vast pool of freelance developers with diverse expertise. You can hire them on a project-by-project basis or bring them onboard as part of your team.
  • Professional Networks: Engaging with industry-specific networks, such as WordPress communities on Dev.to or WordPress.org, can help you find developers who are passionate about the platform and knowledgeable about the latest trends.
  • Web Development Agencies: If you prefer a more streamlined approach, web development agencies like CultivateWP, mentioned earlier, often have a team of experienced WordPress developers ready to take on new challenges.
  • Offshore Tech Staffing Agencies: Consider collaborating with offshore tech staffing agencies like Turnkey Labs. These agencies specialize in connecting businesses with skilled developers from around the world. They can help you find the right talent for your WordPress projects while managing administrative tasks and logistics.
  • Word of Mouth: Don’t underestimate the power of personal referrals. Reach out to your professional network and ask for recommendations. Colleagues or peers may know of talented developers looking for new opportunities.

Popular Sites to Find WordPress Developer

  • Upwork is a marketplace for freelancers. Highly recommended for web developers focusing on front-end development or otherwise.
  • Clutch List of Web Development Company with truthful Reviews.
  • Freelancer is a marketplace like TopTal for all types of freelance positions, including web designers, graphic designers, etc.
  • Fiverr is the largest freelance services marketplace.
  • Craigslist worldwide job-board to find graphic designers.

In your quest for the right WordPress developers, consider a combination of these methods to cast a wide net and find individuals whose skills align with your project goals and company culture. Remember that assessing their portfolios and conducting interviews are essential steps in ensuring a good fit for your team.

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Your dedicated development team can come in all shapes and sizes!

Summing Up

These talented WordPress developers have showcased their skills and experience on platforms like Dev.to, Fiverr, Behance, Awwwards, and LinkedIn. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning website, improve your online presence, or launch an e-commerce store, you can count on these experts to deliver outstanding results.

Choosing the right WordPress developer can be a game-changer for your online presence, and the portfolios of these professionals speak volumes about their capabilities. Explore their work, get in touch, and take the first step towards realizing your digital dreams with a top-tier WordPress developer.


What is a WordPress developer portfolio, and why is it important?

A WordPress developer portfolio is a collection of projects and websites created by a developer to showcase their skills and expertise in using WordPress. It's important because it allows clients and employers to assess the quality of a developer's work, making it easier to hire the right talent for their projects.

Where can I find the best WordPress developer portfolios?

You can find some of the best WordPress developer portfolios on various platforms. Check out developer portfolio websites, freelancing platforms like Upwork and Freelancer, and design and development communities like Behance and Dribbble.

What qualifications and skills should I look for when hiring a WordPress developer?

When hiring a WordPress developer, seek candidates with a strong understanding of WordPress, proficiency in HTML, CSS, and PHP, experience with theme and plugin development, and a portfolio that demonstrates their expertise in creating and customizing WordPress websites

How can I verify a WordPress developer's portfolio to ensure its authenticity and accuracy?

Verifying a WordPress developer's portfolio involves a few steps to ensure its authenticity:

  • Review the Portfolio Website: Start by visiting the developer's portfolio website. Look for a professional, well-maintained site with a consistent design and structure. An authentic portfolio should reflect the developer's attention to detail.
  • Check Project Descriptions: Examine the project descriptions and case studies. They should provide detailed information about each project, including the client's goals, the developer's role, the technologies used, and the project's results.
  • Cross-Reference with Live Websites: Whenever possible, visit the live websites listed in the portfolio. Ensure they match the descriptions provided. Functionality, design, and the features mentioned should align with what you see on the actual websites.
  • Look for Testimonials and References: Authentic portfolios often include client testimonials or references. Contact these clients to verify the developer's work, professionalism, and the outcomes of their projects.
  • Check for Social Proof: Authentic portfolios might feature social proof, such as endorsements on LinkedIn, recommendations on professional networks, or mentions in reputable publications or blogs.
  • Search for Online Reviews: Search for online reviews and ratings related to the developer's work. Websites like Clutch, Upwork, or Freelancer often have client feedback that can provide insights into a developer's reputation and skills.
  • Discuss Projects During Interviews: If you're in direct contact with the developer, use interviews to discuss their portfolio in detail. Ask them to walk you through their projects, explaining their role and the challenges they faced.

October 23, 2023

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