Developer Retention: How to Keep Your Software Developers Happy

developer retention

Picture this: a company invests time and resources in assembling a group of skilled software developers, only to find that their once-promising team begins to resemble a revolving door. High turnover rates not only disrupt the workflow but also pose a serious threat to project continuity and overall productivity.

Here’s an interesting fact to kick things off: Did you know that the average tenure of a software developer in a single job hovers around 2 to 3 years? With the turbulent rise of IT all over the world, retaining skilled developers has become a pressing concern for companies worldwide. If you’re part of an organization grappling with this challenge, fear not – our comprehensive guide is tailored just for you. We’ll delve into the intricacies of developer retention and explore effective strategies to keep your software developers not just content but genuinely happy and engaged. Let’s embark on a journey to build a workplace culture that fosters loyalty, creativity, and longevity in your development team.

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Software Developer Turnover and Why Retention is Important

The tech industry already has the highest employee turnover rate of any sector at 13.2%, nearly 3% higher than the national average.  Then, add the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ anticipation that the employment demand for software developers will increase by 21% from 2019 to 2029. With all that competition sniffing around your team, it’s critical to implement effective retention strategies to keep your valuable software developers on board.

developers turnover

There are several reasons why software developer retention is crucial for business success. 

  • Firstly, retaining talented software developers leads to the creation of a skilled and experienced team that can produce high-quality software products. This ultimately results in increased profitability and customer satisfaction.
  • Secondly, retaining software developers can save money, time, and resources that would have been spent on recruitment, training, and onboarding of new developers.
  • Thirdly, high turnover rates and a negative reputation as an employer can make it difficult for businesses to attract and retain top-level talent. While a low turnover rate creates a culture of job satisfaction and loyalty that attracts and retains highly skilled candidates.
  • Finally, software development is a highly competitive field where innovation is dependent on highly-skilled and motivated developers. Retaining developers helps establish continuity, promotes innovation and creativity, and generates a culture of continuous improvement.

How to Retain Software Developers: Our 6 Best Practices

retention best ptactices

Offer Competitive Compensation and Benefits

To retain talented developers, pay them competitive salaries and benefits that show they are valued. Offering equity, flexible work hours, remote work options, health insurance, and 401K (or equivalent) matching is an excellent way to show you care.

Provide Upskilling and Learning Opportunities

Everyone wants to grow, develop, and move up the ladder. Provide your developers with online learning resources, mentorship programs, and opportunities for attending conferences that help them grow both professionally and personally.

Foster a Positive Work Culture

Develop a positive company culture. Create a supportive environment where developers feel appreciated and encouraged to express their ideas. Celebrate achieving milestones together and recognize the hard work of developers.

Encourage Work-Life Balance

Encourage managers to be understanding about personal commitments and enable flexible working arrangements. Plus, keep an eye on the workload to ensure it is evenly distributed and that some developers are not continuously being overloaded.

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Promote Open Communication

Keep communication lines open with developers. Encourage two-way communication, where opinions and questions are encouraged, and suggestions from developers are valued. Listen to feedback, make improvements, and show that you care.

Recognize Achievements

Recognize your developers’ achievements and acknowledge their hard work. Offer opportunities for growth, promotions, or bonuses to keep motivation and engagement high.

Have Regular One-on-One Discussions

Having regular one-on-one conversations not only allows managers the opportunity to check in on how things are going but it also gives developers a chance to express concerns or give feedback about projects they are working on without fear of repercussions from managers or coworkers. This type of open dialogue helps foster relationships between employees and management while helping ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to project goals and objectives.

Stay Connected With Your Team Through Social Media & Events

Staying connected with your team through social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook, as well as participating in events like hackathons can help establish stronger relationships between management and employees. It also promotes camaraderie among co-workers, which can go a long way towards creating a healthy workplace environment where employees feel supported, appreciated and valued for their contributions.

By implementing these best practices, developers are more likely to feel valued and stay loyal to your company.

How Tech Giants Keep Their Employees Happy

how tech giants retain employees

Many of today’s giants have decreased developers’ turnover by adopting effective talent retention practices. Including these famous cases:


Google places a strong emphasis on talent management and retention. The company encourages a culture of innovation and creativity to keep its employees engaged. It offers perks such as on-site healthcare, free meals, and fitness classes to create a work-life balance.  Google’s Career Guru program also helps managers support their team member’s career development, enabling them to achieve their goals within the company.


Microsoft is focused on creating opportunities for its employees for growth and development within the company. Their “Manager Bootcamp,” equips team leaders with the skills to support team members in their career development. The organization also has a mentorship program for fostering professional growth, and a “stay interview” process where managers speak with employees about their goals and professional development.


Netflix is well-known for its strong corporate culture, which is built on the principles of freedom and responsibility. The company recognizes that employees’ trust, creativity, and independence are critical to its success. It treats employees as adults, encourages flexibility in the workplace, and offers unlimited vacation time to promote work-life balance. It also has regular feedback and communication mechanisms in place to enable an open dialogue between managers and team members.

These cases demonstrate that effective talent retention practices lead to decreased developer turnover.  My three key takeaways were: strong company culture, openness to feedback, and providing opportunities for professional and personal growth.

The Secret To Cut Churn by More Than 50%

how to reduce churn

TurnKey is an offshore software development company with a custom retention program designed to reduce offshore developers’ churn rate by more than 50%. The program focuses on creating a positive work environment that fosters collaboration, communication, and innovation while prioritizing the well-being of employees. To achieve this, TurnKey provides its employees with various employee-centric programs, like upskilling programs, mentorship programs, and opportunities for personal growth. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular retention techniques we use:

  • One-on-one deep dives: To ensure a proactive approach towards addressing any issues within your team, we regularly conduct interviews with each member. This way, we are in a better position to identify and swiftly address any potential problems before they escalate into significant issues.
  • Dedicated HR manager: We provide comprehensive HR support, so that you can concentrate solely on building exceptional software with your team. Rest assured, you always have someone to call in case you need assistance with your team or have any hiccups that need to be resolved.
  • Professional training: Our program offers a continuous series of online seminars designed to educate your team about emerging and innovative technologies. We encourage cross-training across development areas and roles to promote collaboration within your team. Additionally, our community provides valuable advice and support, allowing your team members to access a wealth of knowledge and expertise should any development issues arise.
  • Celebrations and acknowledgements: We understand that loyalty is not only built on recognizing significant actions but also ongoing work. That's why we dedicate our time not just to the typical touchpoints but also to optimizing the entire team member experience to create a lasting impact.
  • Personal growth: We believe in continuous personal and professional development, which is why we offer advanced English classes for everyone, even if most team members are already hyper-fluent. As developers, there is always a drive to improve and learn more. In addition, we provide a financial management and investment education series that covers the basics of money management and investing. This is one of our most popular perks since it offers team members valuable learning opportunities that they may not have had elsewhere.

This approach has worked well for us and led to a culture where talented software coders are recognized, appreciated, and motivated to stay for the long haul. TurnKey’s offshore development retention program has been a great success, with the company having an incredibly high employee retention rate. Ultimately, investing in employees and prioritizing their well-being can lead to significant reductions in employee churn, which ultimately benefits both the employees and the company as a whole.

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Summing up

Software developers are a crucial asset to any tech business, and retaining them plays a significant role in achieving organizational success. Companies that invest in creating a positive work environment and prioritize the professional and personal growth of their developers find that their retention rates go up, leading to increased profitability, customer satisfaction, and positive reputation.

Investing in retention strategies is the recipe for success, as demonstrated by giants like Google, Microsoft, and Netflix. For us, mere mortals, one way to economically achieve similar results without all the heavy lifting is to piggyback on TurnKey’s retention program.   It’s an excellent option to decrease developer churn by more than 50% while providing your team members with upskilling programs, a positive work environment, and support for their professional development goals.

The demand for skilled software developers is only growing, and competition for top talent is becoming increasingly fierce. In this environment, it is vital to prioritize retention and create a culture that attracts and retains talented developers, fostering innovation, stability, and growth in the long run.

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    What is the cost of losing top software developers?

    The cost of replacing a highly skilled software developer can be very high. It takes time for new employees to get up to speed with their duties and become productive members of the team, not to mention the money invested in recruiting and onboarding. Investing in developer retention can help to reduce these costs for your business.

    Are there any case studies among famous companies on developer retention?

    Yes, there are many case studies that demonstrate successful strategies for retaining talented developers and preventing turnover at companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon.

    How can I keep my software developers motivated?

    Investing in training and learning opportunities, creating a positive work culture, and offering competitive compensation packages are all great ways to motivate your software developers.

    May 24, 2023

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