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Customers love TurnKey (and we love them back!)

3 Years in a Row Best in KLAS for Ambulatory Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services

"TurnKey is the only offshore firm we've interacted with that really places an emphasis on retention. They seem to be the only ones that understand how important retention is to maintaining strong product development cycles. Our churn rate with TurnKey has been under 5% annually whereas we were at more than 50% with our previous vendor!"

Anya from R1

Anya Alisova (US)

General Manager, R1
Discord Trusted Partner

We've hired 5 full-time software engineers through TurnKey. To date, not a single engineer has left our contract/arrangement. We worked with several U.S.-based recruitment firms, and none matched the speed and quality of candidates referred by TurnKey. Most impressive and unique about TurnKey is their willingness to reach for the perfect candidate. Our requirements are strict, and they did not compromise.

Kyle Dodson

Kyle Dodson (US)

Head of Engineering, Salad Technologies
2021 Brand Excellence Award for Brand Innovation by BCBSA

"It's been nearly two years of us working together and we have not had the need to replace a single developer. The programmers have all performed very well and TurnKey has been able to give us information that has helped to retain our key players."


Mackezie Drazan (US)

CEO of MiResource

We have hired 5 total developers including tech lead, full stack, dev ops and firmware. For each hire, a strong pipeline of candidates was provided, and the TurnKey team performed a lot of pre-screening such that those that entered the funnel were strong and relevant. They also helped with setting salary comp, and closing. Finally they continue to provide HR services as well as legal admin services associated with employment of a geographically diverse group of developers.

Fletcher Wilson

Fletcher Wilson (US)

80+M Downloads

We started with 8 hired developers and there have been no problems with any of the hires. We are currently monitoring them as we do all engineers but there is nothing to report that would make us consider this arrangement with TurnKey anything but successful. The transparent pricing up front as well as the genuine desire to continue improving with each hire we make is a big difference maker for us.

Chris Oh Chief of Staff and Technology Leader at Headspace

Chris Oh (US)

Chief of Staff, CTO
RESNET has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

TurnKey provided high-quality talent at a cost-effective price. We employed TurnKey to manage the hiring/HR/Legal for >80% of our entire Product team - from identifying and hiring Team Leads, to agent level support roles. I also appreciated that they were proactive in suggesting certain criteria and requirements when first starting our search for key team lead members.


Ryan Rice (US)

Founder & CEO of ResNet AI Inc.
The Best E-Signature Software According to G2

We reviewed several similar companies and along with the cost the major deciding factor was the quality of experienced candidates TurnKey was presenting to us. The additional team members worked alongside our scrum teams delivering new feature functionality and enhancements to our platform.We're impressed with the quality of their candidates and the work ethic they demonstrate on a day-to-day basis in our agile ceremonies.


Sandy Speirs (US)

Director Of Engineering at Sertifi, Inc.

TurnKey is well versed in the startup ecosystem and really understands our needs when it comes to offshore dev, particularly how our needs may be different than the needs of a huge public company. I don’t have to explain as much to TurnKey as I have had to do with other offshore vendors—they seem to get it on the first take. But at the end of the day, all we really care about is quality, and TurnKey has delivered the goods on this front better than other firms we’ve worked with in the past.

Pat Williams

Pat Williams

CEO & Co-founder at iScribeHealth

Latest Hires

TurnKey only hires the Top 3% of talent across Eastern Europe and Latin America.

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Mark G.

Angular developer

2 years experience

photo 2023 08 29 19 33 02

Tom A.

Senior Angular developer

4 years experience

Why Choose TurnKey?

Just a few of the awesome things that make us different from all the rest...

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We custom recruit your Angular developers from scratch, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs and culture.

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You are in total control of the team, including when they work, how they work and what they work on.

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We are super transparent about all salaries and fees—you will always know exactly how much your developers are getting paid.

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We have operations throughout Eastern Europe and Latin America so you can pick the country that is the best match for you.

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We have a robust talent retention program that reduces churn by 5x compared to the industry average.

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We are based in Silicon Valley so you always have someone local to call at any time.


Our interests match yours, so you know we're always on your side. We're super open about all the money stuff, including salaries and fees. No surprise charges!

Developer Salary
Taxes & Benefits

  • Since we are agnostic to salary, we find you the very best developer at the very best market price.
  • 100% of all bonuses and equity grants (if any) goes to the developer.

Employer of Record Fee

  • % of salary.
  • This includes all legal, administrative, payroll, liabilities, computers and much more.

Custom Recruiting Fee

  • % of salary for the first 18 months; fees are spread out (instead of one lump sum) to transfer employment risk from you onto TurnKey.
  • This fee is removed after the team member has been onboard for 18 months.

Talent Management Fee

  • % of salary. This includes:
    • HR and retention management program
    • Quarterly executive strategy reviews
    • Competitive compensation reports

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get this party started!

Assemble your dream team in just a few easy steps!


Strategic assessment of your needs


Simple pricing and painless contracting


Custom recruiting of your team


Easy kickoff and onboarding


Start building a great product!


Ongoing talent retention program

When it comes to Angular, we’ve got you covered.

TurnKey is your turnkey solution for hiring high quality, high performing Angular developers. From sourcing amazing candidates to signing important contracts (like IP assignment) to managing payroll and taxes for each of your developers, TurnKey takes care of everything so you can just focus on building great software.


🧩 Web Application Development

Angular Developers can create modern web applications using Angular, ensuring a high level of functionality and interactivity for users.

🔓 Single Page Applications

Angular Developers can build single page applications (SPAs) that load quickly and work smoothly, reducing waiting times for users.


Angular Developers can integrate your design concepts into the Angular application interface, creating attractive and user-friendly applications.

🎛️ Cross-Platform Development

Angular can be used to develop applications for various platforms, including web, mobile devices, and desktop, and Angular Developers can create cross-platform solutions for your business.

Enjoy all the amazing benefits of using TurnKey.

30 days

Time to your first custom hire (or less!)


Annual retention rate of our developers

Industry average = 60%


Average increase in product development velocity

Our clients are winning all types of awards with their top quality developers

  • TripleTree iAward

  • Zoom Finalist Marketplace Competition

  • KLAS 2023 Points of Light Award

  • G2 Awards

  • Energy Visionary by California Energy Commission

  • Capterra Best Value

  • GetApp Best Functionality & Features

  • SoftwareAdvice Most Recommended

Looking for more than just Angular developers?

When you are building out a development team, you often need multiple players who are skilled at different things. That’s why TurnKey is a perfect partner for your hiring needs across the development stack.

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Front-end Developer

icon 1 1

Mobile Developer

icon 2 1

Android App Developer

icon 3 1

iOS Developer

icon 4 1

UI/UX Designer

icon 5 1

QA Engineer

icon 6

Release Managers

icon 7

DevOps Engineer

icon 8

Java Developer

Key Questions – and Answers! – about Angular developers


Why is Angular development important?

Angular is a powerful front-end framework used to build complex and scalable web applications. With its advanced features like two-way data binding, dependency injection, and modular architecture, Angular development can help businesses create modern and responsive applications that provide a seamless user experience. Additionally, Angular development allows you to write clean and efficient code, making it easier for developers to maintain and extend your application's functionality.

At TurnKey Labs, we understand the importance of Angular development, and our team of expert developers has extensive experience in using Angular to build scalable and secure web applications. By leveraging Angular development, you can deliver high-quality applications that meet your business objectives.

How to hire an Angular developer?

Hiring an Angular developer requires a structured process that involves careful screening and evaluation of candidates. Firstly, you should define your job requirements and expectations to attract the right candidates. Posting your job ad on relevant job boards and social media platforms can help you reach a wider audience of qualified candidates. Secondly, you should screen resumes to identify candidates that meet your job requirements and conduct technical interviews to assess their Angular skills. It's also essential to evaluate candidates' soft skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and collaboration abilities.

However, if you want to skip all this hassle and immediately get  help to build a team  of experienced Angular development, partnering with a company like TurnKey Labs can be beneficial.  If you want to hire, we have a rigorous hiring process that assesses candidates' technical and soft skills. We also have a team of skilled Angular developers who can handle your specific needs and deliver high-quality results, if you want to outsource the project.

What skills to look for when you hire top Angular engineers?

When hiring top Angular engineers, you should look for candidates who possess a strong understanding of Angular concepts and architecture. They should be skilled in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as have experience with AngularJS and Angular 2+. Moreover, they should have knowledge of testing frameworks, UI/UX design principles, version control systems, and front-end optimization techniques.


Good communication, problem-solving, and collaboration skills are also essential, as it will ensure seamless teamwork between your developers and the rest of your team. Additionally, top Angular developers should be able to write clean, efficient, and scalable code that adheres to industry standards and design patterns.


At TurnKey Labs, we have a team of experienced Angular developers who possess the skills and expertise required to deliver high-quality results. Our developers undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure that they meet our high standards, and we provide regular training to keep them up-to-date with the latest Angular trends and technologies.

We are well known for having the lowest churn rate of any tech staffing agency post-hire. We take great pride in our ability to find and hire the-match developers for top startups across various industries. Our robust screening protocol, expert recruitment team, and perfect retention program are the key pillars of our success.

How to create a hiring funnel for Angular engineers?

How about a little show and tell on the power of a successful hiring funnel?

With great success comes the need to get more hands on deck. Our client R1 had to boost their dev team fast. They turned their gaze offshore and, lucky for them, TurnKey was ready to swoop in with the much-needed engineering talent. And, we're not just talking about a couple of extra hands here and there. We're talking about a whopping 40 full-time staff across different roles. Yeah, you read that right!   Can you see the power of a well developed  hiring funnel?