The Manifest Includes TurnKey In Its List of Highest Rated Offshore Companies in Silicon Valley

Manifest Includes Turnkey

Offshore Software development has grown by leaps and bounds as an industry in just a handful of years. Things that were thought to be impossible just five years ago are becoming commonplace today. Companies want to leverage the latest technologies to their advantage and need expert teams to do it.

Fortunately, Turnkey Labs is right here to ensure they can reach any goal they have in mind and we can prove it. This is because we’ve recently been included as one of the most reviewed software development companies in San Francisco and San Jose by The Manifest.

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The Manifest is a business blog resource whose main purpose is to help companies find specialized vendors who have the skills to complete their ongoing or upcoming projects. They are able to do this by combining a rewards-based ranking with an awards system that focuses on customer satisfaction.

When The Manifest team chooses a company as part of their market leaders list it means those companies were able to earn multiple high-quality reviews and ratings from their clients. This is a system that elevates the impact customers have on service providers and we wholeheartedly support that initiative.

We truly appreciate all the people that have helped accelerate our growth and we can’t wait to help even more people in the coming months. If you’re looking for a team that will go all in for the success of your project, Turnkey Labs is always available. Reach out to us today and we’ll start pitching ideas on how to further improve your development team.

In addition to leading in the tech space, TurnKey Labs is also dedicated to exploring a wide array of topics that are crucial to the industry. We delve into the importance of employee wellbeing in the tech environment and how it ties into overall productivity.

We also take a comprehensive look at advancements in technology, as evidenced in our overview of GitHub Copilot, and stay informed with tech newsletters to keep our fingers on the pulse of the tech world. We understand the significance of investment in innovation, which is why we discuss IoT VC investors.

Moreover, we explore modern staffing strategies such as yourshoring and shed light on the rise of mental health startups, acknowledging the important intersection of technology and mental health.

May 12, 2023

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