Trending Newsletters for CTOs and Software Engineering Leaders to Subscribe to in 2024

Trending Tech Newsletters for CTOs and Software Engineering Leaders

As the digital landscape rapidly evolves, staying abreast of digital trends and breakthroughs is no easy feat. Whether you’re aiming to amplify your technological prowess, inspire your team, or simply keep a keen eye on industry developments, you’ll need more than just quick Google searches and ad-hoc articles. That’s where newsletters come in, your concise, curated digest of the tech world’s most significant insights.

For all the quick-scan readers who are just dipping in, here’s a bite-sized, top 5 must-read newsletters so you can stay informed, inspired, and ahead of the game, list just for you:

  • Brain Candy by TurnKey Staffing: Cutting-edge tech links and captivating insights.
  • No Mercy, No Malice by Scott Galloway: Unfiltered and witty takes on startups and tech giants.
  • Uncharted Territories by Tomas Pueyo: Explore the tech landscape through vivid storytelling.
  • TechCrunch: Your virtual tech conference in your inbox. Stay updated on startup news and industry leaders.
  • CB Insights: Your exclusive backstage pass to the world of startups and emerging tech.

For me, newsletters are like my personal tech concierge, delivering hand-picked, high-quality content straight to my inbox. Instead of spending hours scrolling through social feeds or websites, a curated newsletter can bring the most relevant information right to your doorstep. They offer a succinct, targeted way to stay informed about the rapid-fire changes in the tech world – the latest trends in the tech industry, disruptive technologies, and breakthrough ideas. Their 360-degree view of the landscape, helps you make informed decisions and lead with foresight.

To assemble this list of the best tech newsletters to subscribe to in 2024, I started by asking the large number of tech leaders I know for their picks.  With these at my fingertips, I reviewed them all to ensure the list I provide will help you navigate the changing tides of technology effortlessly and provide tremendous insight and unerring accuracy.

Alright, let’s jump in with a speedy overview of selecting the perfect options for you!  

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How to Choose the Best Tech Newsletters?

Trending Newsletters for CTOs and Software Engineering Leaders

With a smorgasbord of options out there, how do you choose the ones that are right for you? Common sense would say the ones that resonate with your interests, align with your goals, and speaks your language, but where do you start? Fret not, we’re here to help you find your perfect match in the bustling world of tech newsletters. Let’s explore the essential aspects to consider when picking the right newsletter to supercharge your tech leadership journey.

  • Content: Look for newsletters that offer in-depth, analytical, and thought-provoking content. You don't just want news; you want insights and narratives that challenge your perspectives and stimulate new ideas.
  • Relevance: Your ideal newsletter should cater to your interests and professional needs. If you're into AI, a newsletter focused on cloud computing might not ring your bell. Choose one that aligns with your tech focus and career goals.
  • Delivery: Consider how frequently you want to receive updates. Some prefer a daily digest, while others might opt for a weekly or even monthly roundup. The key is to select the one that fits comfortably into your routine so that staying informed feels less like a chore and more like a treat.

Remember, the ‘best’ newsletter isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s the one that best fits your tech appetite and learning style.

Must-Read Newsletters Pick from Sterling and Boris

Must-Read Newsletters Pick from Sterling and Boris ✌🏻

Since I gave an early bonus to the quick-scan readers, I snuck this special treat into this tech-packed buffet for all you reading ninjas.  Think of it as the secret sauce every tech leader should have in their information diet. Remember I said I started my research by asking a large number of tech leaders for their picks? Of course, I also asked our very own dynamic founders duo, Sterling Lanier and Boris Glants. They pulled back the curtain and shared their personal treasure trove of tech wisdom, including the newsletters they swear by, the ones that keep them up to speed in the dizzyingly fast world of Silicon Valley.

Ready to get a look at what gives them their insider’s edge?

No Mercy, No Malice

Buckle up for some unfiltered, punchy insights from a Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business. Dubbed the “Sherlock Holmes of the business world”, Galloway lays down the law on startups, tech giants, and everything in between. He’s not shy about calling out tech titans and isn’t one for mincing words. Prepare for some of the wittiest, sassiest, and most enlightening takes on the business world. You can expect Scott to come at you with no holds barred!​

Wall Street Journal Tech Things

Wall Street Journal’s Tech Things is the Swiss Army Knife of newsletters, offering a quick fix of the day’s hottest tech stories. It’s part of WSJ which boasts an average circulation of over 3.7 million. All killer, no filler. It’s like having your personal technology news bartender, serving you up the day’s most interesting stories and potent technology news cocktails straight from Wall Street.

Uncharted Territories

This ain’t your typical tech newsletter. In Uncharted Territories, Pueyo takes you on a journey across the tech landscape, using vivid storytelling to break down complex issues into enjoyable reads. It’s the equivalent of a digital treasure map for busy techies and aficionados.

This newsletter is all about understanding how the world works today to predict the world of tomorrow. It covers an impressive range of topics like AI, tech, the future of democracy, energy, education, and more. It’s got thousands of paid subscribers who are interested in understanding and solving the world’s biggest problems. Dive in and get ready to explore uncharted territories!​

The Generalist

The Generalist is your fun, friendly neighborhood tech nerd breaking down complex topics for you over coffee. Expect to be engrossed in deep-dives on startups, profiles on tech moguls, and trend analyses, all with a refreshing sense of humor. It’s like hanging out with your brainy best mate!

Andreesen Horowitz tech newsletters

The Andreesen Horowitz newsletters are like a collection of mixtapes, each one playing a unique rhythm of the tech world. Covering a broad range of topics from crypto to bio, each newsletter provides a unique perspective emerging tech world, keeping you tuned in to the industry’s hottest beats.


Thompson’s Stratechery is your backdoor into understanding the strategies that shape the tech industry. It’s like sneaking into a war room of tech strategies. You’ll get a daily analysis that’s sharp as a tack and twice as insightful.

The Information

The Information is like having the personal touch of a top-tier tech journalist whispering the latest exclusive scoops directly to you. It goes beyond the headlines, offering in-depth, high-quality journalism that cuts through the noise, providing you with stories that matter. It’s like having a direct line to Silicon Valley’s inner circle.

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CB Insights

CB Insights is like your backstage pass to the world of startups, venture capital, and emerging tech. You will be part of an elite club getting a sneak peek into the future. Each update is an exclusive glimpse of the next big things in tech before they hit the mainstream.


Pitchbook provides data-dense content in a friendly, approachable way. It’s like having a personal financial analyst who’s got a penchant for coffee shop chatter. Get the full scoop on deals, markets, and trends in the VC, PE, and M&A landscapes.


Think of TechCrunch like a massive tech conference happening right in your inbox. From the latest start-up news to the hottest app launches, and interviews with industry leaders, TechCrunch keeps you on the pulse of all things tech. With TechCrunch you will be partying at the cutting edge of the tech scene, right from your couch.

Bonus: Brain Candy

Wait, there’s more! We’ve got something extra spicy from our own kitchen. Enter the most cutting-edge tech links and  findings from Silicon Valley and the tech recruiting world, packaged into our very own curated newsletters here. Want to hear directly from Sterling and Boris, the masterminds behind it all? Craving articles that hit just the right spot? We’ve got you covered. Don’t miss out on these personally crafted newsletters and hard-hitting stories with a fun element – designed with you in mind, delivered right to your inbox.

Want a sneak peek? Check out this short trailer:

Now that we’ve covered those personal recommendations let’s dive into an in-depth exploration of the most popular free technology-specific newsletters currently making waves:

15 Best Free Tech Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2024

15 Best Free Tech Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2023

Stay ahead of the tech game and keep your finger on the pulse of the industry with our handpicked selection of the 15 best free tech newsletters to subscribe to in 2024. From cutting-edge developments in artificial intelligence and data science to practical advice for tech leaders and managers, these newsletters cover a wide range of topics, ensuring that you’re always in the know:

CTO Insights


Author: Tosho Trajanov

This newsletter is all about dishing out valuable insights and advice specifically for Chief Technology Officers (CTOs). It covers everything from tech leadership and technological development to management tips and tricks.

CTO Advisor

Link: Keith Townsend


Looking for some guidance as a CTO? This newsletter has got your back! It offers recommendations curated articles and advice on various subjects like tech trends, team management, and strategic decision-making.

The Imperfect Leader


Author: Pedro Gil Carvalho

“There’s no Tech Lead University, and few workplaces invest in proper training for their new leads.” Embracing imperfections and learning from failures is what this newsletter is all about. It’s packed with practical tips and inspiring stories to help leaders grow and succeed, even in the face of their flaws.

Consulting CTO


Author: Kartick Vaddadi

Get ready for some firsthand expertise. This newsletter comes straight from Kartick Vaddadi, a consulting CTO. He’ll be sharing his insights, experiences, and practical advice on tech leadership and consulting.

Let's Discuss Trends and How TurnKey Can Help You Align With Them.

The Engineering Organisation


Author: SVS

It’s your go-to guide for building and scaling engineering teams, boosting productivity, and creating a positive engineering culture – written in a witty style. The author’s career path has led him to hold the position of CTO in both startup ventures and established internet companies, granting them a wealth of knowledge and insights.

Tech Talk CTO


Author: PicoCreator

This newsletter covers all sorts of tech-related topics, with a special focus on CTOs. Random tech stuff, straight from a startup CTO’s brain! They dive into all sorts of cool technology topics, like infrastructure, coding, dev team growth, hiring peeps, and scaling up. Expect one juicy, in-depth article per week.

Guide to AI


Author: Nathan Benaich

With a wide range of topics covered in each newsletter, the Guide to AI strives to deliver the essential information you need to stay up-to-date with the advancements in AI. Whether it’s groundbreaking research, emerging startups, or the latest trends emerging technology, this one has got you covered. This newsletter has a community of over 23,000 subscribers, including leading public and private corporations, universities, startups, and national institutions from around the globe.



Author: Rakia Ben Sassi

Rakia is a senior software engineer, Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Angular, and a Women Techmakers (WTM) Ambassador. TechForge is a publication tailored for the brilliant and inquisitive community of software engineering, technology enthusiasts, and aspiring leaders! This newsletter is the sweet spot where technology and leadership collide.

Metaverse Musings | Strategy & Technology


Author: Jaymin Kim

Explore the fascinating concept of the metaverse with this weekly newsletter. It covers both the strategic and technological aspects, giving you tremendous insight and the lowdown on how it might shape various industries.



Author: Sean Bill

Looking for some macroeconomic insights with a tech twist? This newsletter is where it’s at. Get the scoop on the latest tech trends and how they’re impacting businesses and the global economy.

Peter’s Musings on Data Science and Technology


Author: Peter Memon

Get ready for some musings and insights on data science, machine learning, technology, and their real-world applications. Peter’s got you covered on a wide range of topics in these fields.

CIO and IT Management Newsletter


Author: Victor Janulaitis

This newsletter has got the updates CIOs and tech leaders need. Stay in the loop on the latest trends, the IT job market, and infrastructure improvement as enterprises move towards e-commerce while supporting brick-and-mortar operations, along with the best articles and actionable advice.

Lessons in Engineering Leadership


Author: Kelly Vaughn

This newsletter is packed with valuable bi-weekly highs, lows, and difficult lessons learned by Kelly as an engineering leader at a tech startup. Whether it’s team management, technical leadership, or career development, you’ll find nuggets of wisdom to level up your engineering game.

Engineering Leadership


Author: Gregor Ojstersek

Ready to take your leadership skills to the next level? This newsletter is your guide. It’s all about leadership principles and strategies tailored specifically to the engineering domain.

The Engineering Manager


Author: James Stanier

“The Engineering Manager” is a valuable collection of insights, stories, and resources dedicated to engineering management. It offers practical tutorials for new managers, along with book reviews, interviews, and articles exploring the art and science of effective management. Created out of a need for resources when James first became a technology company manager, this newsletter serves the engineering community, from aspiring managers to those simply interested in the profession.

I know that is a huge list, but it’s actually just the tip of the iceberg. I did a ton of other research while looking for the absolute best options for you. If fact, I had to whittle down the original suggestions as there were just too many for one article. Because at TurnKey, we love to over-deliver, I’ve got another bonus for you. Download the complete list of the most useful and practical free ones right here. Enjoy!


Keeping yourself up to date with the latest technology trends and staying on top of the game can be challenging. To make your life easier, I’ve curated a list of the best tech newsletters that are currently trending among CTOs. By subscribing to these trending tech newsletters, you can stay informed about the latest tech trends, gain practical insights, and enhance your leadership skills, ultimately helping you excel in your role.


What is TLDR in tech?

TL;DR stands for "Too Long; Didn't Read." It is an abbreviation used to summarize lengthy content or indicate that a text, article, or document is too long to read in its entirety. TLDR provides a short and concise summary, capturing the main points or highlights, allowing readers to quickly grasp the essence of the information without having to read through the entire piece. It is a common practice online, especially in tech forums or discussion boards, to help save time and encourage more efficient communication.

What should be included in a tech newsletter?

Tech newsletters should contain links to relevant news articles and tools, as well as links to stay up-to-date with the world's latest tech news. Plus, short summary articles that allow for quick access to important information without losing much substance.

June 28, 2023

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