How to Hire a Dedicated Laravel Development Team: The Definitive Guide

How to Hire a Dedicated Laravel Development Team: The Definitive Guide

Laravel has become one of the most popular PHP frameworks in recent years, so it makes sense that more and more software-based companies are looking to hire dedicated Laravel development teams.

However, choosing the right team for your project can take time and effort. Here are a few tips to help you hire a dedicated Laravel development team for your startup.

  • First, consider your budget and project requirements. Having a clear understanding of what you need from your development team before you start searching will help you narrow down your options and find a team that is a good fit for your budget.
  • Next, take a look at the portfolios of different Laravel development teams to get an idea of their experience and expertise. Pay attention to the size and scope of the projects they have worked on in the past and any positive reviews or testimonials from previous clients.
  • Finally, set up a meeting or call with some of your top choices. Asking questions and getting a feel for their communication style before you invite them to join your team is key.

Read on for more tips on how to build a high performing team of dedicated Laravel programmers.

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What is Laravel – and What Makes a Laravel Developer?

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP web framework created by Taylor Otwell in 2011. It is intended to develop web applications following the model–view–controller architectural pattern and is based on Symfony.

The Laravel framework features a modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager, different ways for accessing relational databases, utilities that aid in application deployment and maintenance, and an orientation toward syntactic sugar.

Laravel adopts modern programming patterns like dependency injection and declarative templates into a native PHP platform. During the last 12 months, Laravel releases have been downloaded more than 60 million times.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that make Laravel such a vital part of website development today:

  • MVC Support: One of the most important features of Laravel is its support for Model View Controller (MVC). It helps to ensure clarity between logic and presentation, which enables better documentation, as well as improved performance. MVC also provides various built-in functionalities that help make developmental processes much easier. All these factors put together make Laravel one of the most popular choices when it comes to website development frameworks.
  • Object-Oriented Libraries: Another key feature that helps to set Laravel apart from other similar frameworks is its object-oriented libraries. These libraries are not only extensive but are also extremely easy to use. In addition, Laravel also comes with many pre-installed libraries which further help to speed up the developmental process. One such library is the Authentication library which helps provide authentication capabilities in a brief period. Apart from this, numerous other such libraries use advanced technologies like encryption and password hashing, making them highly secure as well.
  • Artisan CLI: Artisan is a command-line interface that comes bundled with Laravel. It provides various commands that help to simplify multiple common tasks related to website development such as migrations, database seeding, etc. In addition, Artisan can also be used for tasks such as routing management and queuing. All these features help to reduce the amount of code that needs to be written, thereby saving valuable time during the developmental process.
  • Blade Templates: Blade is a templating engine employed by Laravel, offering various advantages over traditional HTML templates. For starters, it helps to minimize the amount of code needed for typical tasks such as variable substitutions and loops. In addition, blades also provide caching capabilities, resulting in enhanced performance levels. Most web developers prefer using Blade templates while working on Laravel projects.

As you might have guessed, a Laravel developer is a backend web developer specializing in developing web applications using the Laravel web framework. As the popularity of the Laravel framework has grown in recent years, so has the demand for Laravel developers. 

Dedicated Laravel developers are responsible for developing the backend logic and functionality of web applications and for integrating frontend elements created by other web developers. In addition to PHP, a Laravel developer should also know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Statista’s survey on the most used developer frameworks shows that it Laravel is used more than Ruby on Rails, Gatsby, Svelte, and Drupal. This is most likely attributed to the easy but impressive syntax in use, a wide range of built-in functionality, and cutting-edge features.

The most used developer frameworks by Statista | TurnKey

With so many impressive features, it is no wonder that Laravel has become one of the most popular choices when it comes to PHP web development frameworks in recent years and looks set to increase in popularity in coming years.

Need to find a high performing dedicated team of kickass laravel developers? You’ve come to the right spot.

When to Hire a Dedicated Laravel Development Team for your Startup

There are several situations in which hiring a dedicated Laravel development team can come in handy:

#1. You need a scalable platform

As any startup builder knows, competition is fierce. Scalability and flexibility are crucial to developing software. To stay ahead of the curve, keeping up with the latest technology trends is essential. This can be a full-time job in itself, and it can be challenging to maintain a competitive edge while also running the other aspects of a company (sales, marketing, finance and more).

This is where Laravel developers can be invaluable. They can deliver cutting-edge features that will help your product expand, enhance, and grow by staying current with the latest technology developments. They can support the technical side of your web-based development efforts, freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of your product development.

#2. Your team lacks the required skills and knowledge

If your in-house team doesn’t have the required skills and knowledge to build a Laravel-based web application, it’s best to hire a dedicated Laravel development team.

A dedicated team of Laravel developers will have the necessary expertise to get the job done quickly and efficiently. In addition, dedicated team benefits include ongoing support and maintenance for your web application, ensuring that it remains up and running smoothly.

In contrast, if you try to build the application yourself, you may run into problems that could take a long time to solve. As a result, hiring a dedicated Laravel development team is often the best option for startups that need to develop a web application quickly and efficiently.

#3. Your need to infuse innovation in your product

When you’re looking for a developer to create a website or develop an app, you want an engineer who is up-to-date on the latest tools and technologies. That’s why so many startups want to find Laravel developers. They keep up with the latest trends and advancements in web development, so they can always provide innovative solutions.

Moreover, given its origin in PHP, Laravel developers are also experienced in older, more established technologies. This allows them to create websites and apps that are compatible with a wide range of devices and software platforms.

#4. You need to manage and maintain your web application

Another reason to hire a Laravel website development team is that they can help you with the maintenance and updates of your web application. Laravel is easy to use and has a wide range of modules and libraries that can be employed to develop robust web applications.

As a result, the dedicated Laravel development team can help you save time and money by using their expertise to build custom modules according to your specific requirements. The team can also provide support in case of any technical issues.

#5. You need to create a multilingual product

Hiring a dedicated offshore Laravel development team is also a great idea when you’re looking to create a multilingual product. First, Laravel is an incredibly versatile and robust framework that can help you build a high-quality website quickly and efficiently. 

Additionally, Laravel is equipped with many features and tools that make it ideal for creating multilingual products. For example, Laravel’s built-in translation functionality makes managing multiple language versions of your product easy. Laravel’s routing system makes it easy to create language-specific URL patterns.

Finally, Laravel’s blade template engine makes it simple to create views that can be easily translated into different languages. As a result, hiring a Laravel website development team can save you a significant amount of time and effort when creating a multilingual product.

#6. You need to launch a new product quickly

If you need to get your product to market in short order while also ensuring that it is high quality and scalable, a dedicated Laravel development team can prove invaluable. Laravel is a robust PHP framework that enables the rapid development of web applications. An experienced offshore Laravel development team will be able to help speed up your product development velocity while also ensuring that it meets all your requirements. If you need to move fast and not(!) break things, then hiring a dedicated Laravel development team is essential.

#7. You need robust data security

One of the reasons Laravel has become the most popular framework for web application development is security. It is constantly being improved and updated by the community, so you can always be confident in its reliability and safety efficacy. 

Hiring dedicated Laravel developers is the best way to protect your product and keep your data safe since they know all the ways to enable the robust security features native to Laravel.  In other words, a dedicated Laravel development team will have the expertise to ensure that your web application is secure from the start. And they will also be able to provide ongoing support and maintenance to make sure security never becomes an issue.

What Frontend Technologies are the Best to Use with Laravel as the Backend?

Technologies for Laravel Backend | TurnKey

Here are the top four technologies that Laravel is usually paired with:


Vue.js is a versatile JavaScript framework that can be used to build impressive frontend user interfaces. Vue.js complements Laravel’s backend resources by providing a robust JavaScript framework for building user interfaces.

When used together, Laravel and Vue.js offer an unbeatable combination for developing powerful and responsive web applications.


Next.js is a React framework for building server-side rendering and static web applications. Laravel provides a robust backend framework, while Next.js offers a performant frontend framework. Using these two frameworks together can result in faster development times, increased performance, and better maintainability.

Moreover, Laravel’s ORM and migration system can be used with Next.js to create asynchronous data requests and keep the application state up-to-date. And Laravel’s Blade templating engine can be used to pre-render pages on the server side before they are sent to the client. This can improve the application’s performance and reduce the amount of data that needs to be sent over the network.

Using Laravel and Next.js together is an excellent way to build fast, scalable, and maintainable web applications.


Gatsby.js is a static site generator built on React. It can provide a powerful tool for building fast and scalable websites when used with Laravel. Laravel provides an easy way to manage routes, views, and other application logic, while Gatsby.js enables the creation of highly-optimized static assets that are quickly delivered to users.

As a result, websites built with Laravel and Gatsby.js can offer both the performance of a static site and the flexibility of a dynamic web application.


React.js is an open-source JavaScript library that is used for building user interfaces. It is also used for handling the view layer for web and mobile apps.

When it comes to using Laravel with React.js, there are several benefits. For one thing, it makes the development process more efficient as developers can work on different parts of the application simultaneously without affecting each other’s work.

In addition, using these two frameworks together also results in a more responsive and interactive user interface. Finally, this combination also makes it easier to manage large-scale applications, as Laravel’s modularity allows developers to break down the application into smaller parts that can be worked on independently.

Key Use Cases for Hiring a Dedicated Laravel Team

Though Laravel can be used for a wide range of applications, the most popular use cases for  hiring skilled Laravel developers include:

eCommerce websites

Laravel is known for being scalable, secure, and performance-driven–all of which is needed for quality eCommerce sites.  Thus, hiring expert Laravel developers will help fuel the success and reliability of the site. These developers have the experience needed to build a website that meets your specific needs and requirements, and will help your site avoid common mistakes (such as failing to account for heavy traffic) that can cause problems down the road.

Web development services

Laravel is perfect for web design since it is a PHP framework that provides an expressive and elegant syntax for developing web applications. It enables developers to create complex, data-driven applications with ease. In addition, Laravel comes with several built-in features, such as authentication, authorization, session management, caching, and more. As a result, it can save you a lot of time and effort compared to other frameworks.

Customization and integration

Since Laravel is a complex framework with a lot of functionality, it offers a wide range of customization options.  However, the complexity of the framework also means that it can be challenging to achieve the desired level of customization without the help of an experienced team. With a dedicated Laravel team, you will access experts who have in-depth knowledge of the framework and can help you achieve the exact level of customization and integration required.

Support and maintenance

A professional Laravel development team will also be able to provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring that your product or web application always runs smoothly.

One of the key benefits of Laravel is that it also offers a huge array of support materials that Laravel developers can access for free, which makes maintenance much easier since published solutions usually exist to any problem that may arise.  Here is just a quick sample of the available content:

  1. Laracasts: a learning portal with courses, blogs, podcasts, and forums.
  2. a community portal with over 45,000 users.
  3. The Laravel subreddit: home to 50,000 Laravel artisans.

Ready to start building amazing web applications with your own dedicated team of laravel developers?

Key Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Laravel Development Team

Not only does Laravel help to speed up the development process, but it also provides several features that make it easier to build robust and scalable applications. Here are the most popular advantages of Laravel development, especially when you source your team offshore.

Key Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Laravel Development Team | TurnKey


Offshore Laravel developers not only have deep experience but they usually command lower salaries than those in America or Western Europe thanks to a more manageable cost of living and favorable tax regimes.  Thus you can save money and build better product all at the same time!

Improved Website Performance

Laravel has long been popular for its high performance and wide range of features. While other frameworks may offer similar performance gains, Laravel’s focus on performance means that it can provide a complete package. For example, object-relational mapping and automatic pagination help to improve website performance by reducing the amount of code that needs to be written. In addition, Laravel’s built-in caching system helps to further improve website performance by caching commonly used data.

Effortless Scalability

Scaling with other web development frameworks can be complex and time-consuming. Because Laravel is designed with scalability in mind, it’s able to handle heavy traffic without sacrificing speed or performance. And Laravel’s dedicated development community means that there’s always someone available to help you if you run into any issues. As a result, scaling your Laravel-based website is quick, easy, and hassle-free.

High Security

In a world where data breaches are becoming increasingly common, product security is more important than ever. Hacking attempts can result in losing sensitive information, and even just a few minutes of downtime can hurt a startup.

For these reasons, dedicated Laravel development is a wise choice to ensure your website is secure. Laravel has several built-in security features, including password encryption, and Laravel’s Eloquent ORM and Fluent Query Builder guard against SQL injection attacks as they use PDO parameter binding. Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection, which uses a hidden CSRF form token, is also enabled by default. In addition, numerous add-ons and plugins further improve security.

Strengthened Authentication Process

Laravel makes it easy to create robust authentication systems. With features like password encryption and Socialite for OAuth authentication, the Laravel platform helps to keep user data safe. The framework includes a number of tools that make it easy to track and manage users.

Easy Database Migration

One of the key features of Laravel is its ability to migrate databases easily. Laravel’s database migration system makes it easy to keep track of database changes and ensure that all data is migrated correctly. This is extremely useful when moving to a new server or hosting platform, as it eliminates the need for tedious database configuration.

Omnichannel Support

As more and more ventures move towards an omnichannel approach, Laravel app development services become an essential tool for building robust applications that can keep up with customer demands. Through Laravel, startups can create a single application that can be accessed across multiple channels. This saves time and resources and allows for a consistent customer experience across all channels.

High Multi-Language Adaptability

Laravel is known for its high multi-language adaptability. There are many language packs available for Laravel, which can be found on the official website, and various community-driven projects that provide translations for Laravel into different languages. As a result, Laravel can be used to develop web applications in any language, making it an ideal choice for startups with a global customer base.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring a Dedicated Laravel Development Team

When it comes to building web applications, Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks around. If you’re planning to hire a dedicated team of Laravel developers, here are the best practices to follow:

Hiring a Dedicated Laravel Development Team | TurnKey

Step 1: Define the product development goals

You need to start with defining your product development goals clearly. What are you looking to achieve? What are the objectives? And what are your deadlines?

Step 2: Gather your requirements

Once you outline what you want to accomplish, it’s time to gather your requirements. What specific skills and experience will your ideal team need to have? Make a list of all the must-haves and nice-to-haves.

Step 3: Contact a partner like TurnKey and share your ideas

Once you have all this information, the next step is to contact a partner (like TurnKey!) and start the conversation. With TurnKey by your side, the process is easy and hassle-free. Hiring a remote dedicated team of Laravel developers can be easy when you partner with the pros.

Step 4: We shortlist the best candidates based on your needs

We’ll take a look at your requirements and shortlist the best candidates based on your needs and goals, as well as your internal work culture.

Step 5: You approve a dev team and decide how/when to collaborate

Once you’ve chosen a team, you’ll need to select a collaboration model. Will you be working with them daily or just checking in periodically? Make sure you agree to this before proceeding.

Step 6: The work starts–and you build great software!

Your dedicated Laravel development team starts working on your product and driving innovation across your software development organization.

Want to learn more about laravel development teams and how we can help you build a team that blows the competition out of the water?

How to Choose the Best Dedicated Laravel Developers

When assessing the expertise of a Laravel software developer, you should know how to hire offshore software developers. The following skills should be evaluated:

  • Web development skills. Laravel developers must have a good grasp of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, so they can use the framework to its full potential and build excellent web applications.
  • Experience with PM frameworks. A Laravel developer must have experience with project management frameworks to work more effectively with project managers and other stakeholders. The most popular frameworks are Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall.
  • Database management skills. Laravel developers should also be proficient in database management systems, as they will organize all the data from a startup's website.
  • Knowledge of the latest updates. Understanding the latest updates not only ensures that your code is compatible with the latest features, but it will also allow you to take advantage of new functions and methods.
  • Solid understanding of OOP & MVC. OOP is the foundation on which Laravel is built, and MVC is the architectural pattern that it follows. As such, developers who want to get the most out of Laravel need to have a firm grasp of both concepts.
  • Soft skills. Remote Laravel developers need to work well in a team environment, take direction from project managers, and collaborate with other developers to get the job done. They need to be able to handle stress and meet deadlines, especially when it's a remote-first team member.

Want to have an amazing dedicated laravel team that is built entirely around you?

Where to Look for a Dedicated Laravel Development Team

You have a few different options if you’re looking for a dedicated Laravel development team, though many of the Do-It-Yourself models come with a host of challenges that you must have internal bandwidth to manage.

  • Online Job Portals. Monster, Indeed, ZipRecruiter and other similar websites have hundreds of thousands of resumes from talented developers worldwide. Simply posting a job listing on one of these portals will allow you to receive dozens or even hundreds of applications from qualified candidates.
  • Social Media Platforms. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook can also help connect with potential candidates.
  • Community Forums. You could consider posting a project on a community forum such as, Reddit subreddit on Laravel, or Larachat Slack.
  • Freelance. Upwork and Freelancer are great places to start your search for Laravel freelancers. Here, you can view the profiles of thousands of freelancers worldwide, many of whom will have experience with the Laravel framework.
  • TurnKey. You can scour the online job portals and social media to find a needle in a haystack (and hope they’re a good fit you can trust). Or, you can just call TurnKey and make your life a lot easier (and better). We use our expertise, connections, and history of success to build the right Laravel team for you. You can keep your company moving forward with confidence, knowing that your Laravel team will be composed of the best and brightest global developers.
How to Hire a Dedicated Laravel Development Team? [The Definitive Guide for Startups]

What Locations are Best for Hiring a Laravel Development Team

While there are many factors to consider when hiring an offshore Laravel development team, one of the most important is location.

Although Laravel is a relatively new framework, it has quickly become one of the most popular choices for web development. As a result, there are plenty of qualified developers to choose from. However, not all locations may be equally well-suited for your specific development needs.

  • US developers are hyper talented but tend to be more expensive than their counterparts in other parts of the world.
  • UK developers are also considered to be among the best, but they can also be pricey.
  • Eastern European developers are highly skilled and cost-effective, but are a few time zones away from American-based companies.
  • Latin American developers are also highly skilled and much lower cost in comparison to Western developers, but English isn’t as common with more junior developers.
  • Asian developers are also cost-effective, but quality is often an issue and time zone differences can make communication with U.S.-based companies extremely difficult.

Ultimately, there is no single “best” location for hiring a Laravel development team. The best choice will vary depending on factors like budget, product requirements, and time zone preferences.

Why is TurnKey the Best Offshoring Partner for Laravel Development?

If you are trying to build a world-class web application, having an offshore Laravel development team can be critical to success. That’s why TurnKey handpicks team members for your specific needs based on their skills and experience so you always get the perfect fit.

TurnKey teams are fully dedicated to your product and are embedded within your established company culture and guidelines. And when it comes to onboarding, we coordinate with you every step of the way to ensure smooth integration with your existing processes and an outstanding talent retention rate. 

From start to finish, we make sure that your Laravel team needs are met with excellence and efficiency. So if you’re looking for a high performing dedicated Laravel development team, skip the hassles and call TurnKey to get started.

Let turnkey build your ideal dedicated offshore laravel development team.


Why should I choose the Laravel framework for software development?

Laravel has become one of the most popular choices for PHP web development frameworks in recent years due to its cost-efficiency, scalability, and comprehensive feature set.

What kind of platforms can be developed with Laravel?

Laravel is a robust PHP framework that provides an expressive and elegant syntax for web application development. Laravel can be used to develop a variety of applications, including e-commerce websites, content management systems, and even enterprise-level platforms.

Which company is best for providing top Laravel developers?

Us! As your offshore partner, TurnKey can find great Laravel talent at an even better cost, making it a win-win situation for both your company and your customers.

How long will it take to build a web application with Laravel?

The amount of time it takes to build a Laravel application can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. The best way to determine how long it will take to build a Laravel application is to consult an experienced development team who can assess your requirements.

February 1, 2023

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