Offshore Development Case Studies in Healthcare Startups

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You’ve heard the spiel before—offshore development, cost savings, blah, blah, blah. But let’s kick out the boredom and infuse a little edge into this conversation, shall we? With the healthcare industry riding the digital wave, the time for relying solely on local talent is about as outdated as a pager in a 5G world. Welcome to the era where offshore development isn’t a ‘nice-to-have’; it’s a ‘you-better-have.’

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Enter TurnKey Labs—where your offshore team feels like an in-house dream. We’re not just another vendor slinging lines of code; we’re the aficionados who’ve turned the offshore model on its head. We call it YourShoring. It’s like offshoring, but imagine Bruce Wayne took off the cape, and Batman stepped in to save the day—no headaches, no red tape, and certainly no one-size-fits-all teams.

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Now that we’ve shattered the stereotypes, let’s delve into the real deal: how TurnKey Labs reinvented the offshore wheel for MiResource and R1— two healthcare startups that aren’t just scaling but soaring.

MiResource Case: How we Build and Scale their Engineering Team

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Honors & Applause: Forbes 30 Under 30 & 2021 Brand Excellence Award for Brand Innovation by BCBSA

Imagine the scenario: MiResource, a forward-thinking healthcare startup with a vision to reshape mental health solutions, reaches a pivotal moment. They have the vision—an intuitive platform that bridges healthcare institutions to crucial mental health resources for their patients. The challenge? Building and scaling an engineering team as ambitious as their mission. Add the intricacies of maximizing productivity and the jigsaw of merging onshore and offshore talents. It’s akin to solving a Rubik’s Cube in zero gravity.

 Armed with unparalleled domain expertise, TurnKey Labs joined MiResource’s mission head-on. We assembled not just any team, but a league of extraordinary talent—comprising a Product Manager, Full Stack Tech Lead, UI/UX Designers, Frontend and Backend Engineers, QA experts, a DevOps mastermind, and Support Specialists.

Slaying Dragons and Crushing Goals

Time was ticking, but at TurnKey, we operate on a different chronometer. We filled each critical role faster than one can spell ‘asynchronous,’ ensuring the onboarding process was a seamless transition rather than a bureaucratic hurdle. With the clock now working in their favor, the engineering team achieves weekly deployments, boasting a 7-day lead time from code submission to live release.

The Tech Behind the Triumph

Beneath the surface, this new engineering brigade was no less impressive. Using NodeJS and React as their primary tech stack, they churned out over 70,000 lines of code each year. All this was reinforced by a robust CI/CD pipeline, fortified by hundreds of unit and end-to-end tests.

The Bottom Line: TurnKey’s Impact

The term ‘transformative’ is often overused, but in the case of MiResource, it hits the nail on the head. Our rapid assembly of top-tier engineering talent didn’t just meet expectations—it shattered them, transforming a challenge into one of the company’s most potent strengths. MiResource didn’t just express gratitude; their ongoing success serves as the loudest applause for TurnKey Labs.


Being able to hire high quality engineering talent quickly is a game changer for any early stage startup. TurnKey has made that possible for us and we are proud that it is one of our company’s strengths.

Mackenzie, Co-Founder & CEO at MiResource

Quick Glance at Results

  • Assembled a dynamic engineering team across all crucial roles
  • Achieved a 7-day lead time for weekly deployments
  • Surpassed 70,000 lines of code written annually using NodeJS and React
  • Swiftly onboarded all key positions, allowing MiResource to refocus on its core mission
  • Rapid high-quality talent acquisition has become a cornerstone for MiResource

So if your healthcare startup is standing at the crossroads, TurnKey Labs can be the turbo boost that propels you toward your mission. With us, you’re not getting just offshore development; you’re entering the realm of YourShoring. Tailored, transparent, and unequivocally committed to your vision. Ready to rock? Book a call

R1 Case: Aggressively Expand its Development Team

Healthcare Automation

Tech Arsenal: PHP, Microservices, React Native, NodeJS

Kudos: Best in KLAS for Ambulatory Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services, Three Years Running

Picture R1—a NASDAQ-featured titan, automating healthcare workflows for massive enterprise health systems in the U.S. Their software is not just a tool; it’s an industry staple, tapped into by millions of patients and clinicians annually. The puzzle? How to catalyze their already meteoric growth against the backdrop of sky-high local hiring costs and the temporal black hole of recruitment.

Did it work? Let’s talk numbers. R1 now orchestrates 51 software releases per year—that’s almost one each week. And this isn’t some rag-tag bunch of devs clocking in and out; we’re talking about a unit with less than a 5% average annual churn over the past three years. That’s not just stability; it’s rock-solid continuity.

They Said It, Not Us

Need more convincing? Here’s R1’s take: “TurnKey’s YourShore model has us feeling like these offshore devs are practically sharing our coffee. Integration is so seamless that geographical distinctions just blur away.” Yep, that’s the YourShore magic, seamlessly weaving the fabric of offshore and onshore talents into one cohesive tapestry.

In a Nutshell: Game-Changing Results

  • Orchestrated a 40-strong full-time team, skilled across pivotal roles.
  • Upped the ante with 51 annual software releases, clocking a steady weekly cadence.
  • Rocked a less-than-5% average annual churn over three years—now that’s commitment.
  • Erased the offshore-onshore divide, earning raving feedback from R1 for fostering an integrated, ‘one-team’ feel.

In summary, with TurnKey, you’re not just mitigating recruitment challenges—you’re embracing an offshore engineering revolution. Call it YourShoring, where ‘your’ vision is executed ‘your’ way, by ‘your’ team. Because, why settle for less when you can have it all, tailor-made?

The TurnKey Advantage: Unboxed

  • Dedicated Development Teams: Consider this your elite force of tech pros, breathing life into your grandest project visions.
  • Staff Augmentation: Think of this as your agility power-up, giving you the dexterity to scale your team’s size and skills in real-time.

So, ready to step into the big league of healthcare development? Let’s peel back the layers on our killer Dedicated Teams and Staff Augmentation services. Eager to hash out your organization’s road to greatness? Hit us up, and let’s ignite your journey toward an unwavering zenith of productivity and brilliance.

Supercharge Your Healthcare Dev Team, Your Way

In the high-stakes arena of healthcare, a one-size-fits-all approach is as outdated as a fax machine in a 5G world. The groundbreaking case studies of MiResource and R1 aren’t just examples; they’re testaments to the transformative juggernaut that is offshore development. Whether you’re an agile startup laser-focused on building a game-changing engineering team or an established behemoth like R1, hungering to stretch your ranks across multiple skill sets—YourShoring is your golden ticket.

Here at TurnKey, we get it—your challenges are as unique as your DNA. Enter our power couple of services: Dedicated Development Teams and Staff Augmentation. Imagine a SWAT team of coding ninjas, diving headfirst into your projects—that’s our Dedicated Teams for you. Need more elbow room for scalability? Staff Augmentation lets you expand or retract your squad like an accordion, in rhythm with your ever-shifting needs.

If you’re ready to not just be a player, but change the game—welcome to the YourShore experience. Where your vision takes center stage, orchestrated by your dream team. Ready to flip the switch? Let’s talk.

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March 17, 2023

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