Buid a Fullstack Revenue Cycle Management Solution: a Case Study a Mexican Center of Excellence

Offshoring Case Studies in Healthcare startup

In the fast-paced world of tech, staying ahead of the curve requires innovative and strategic solutions. An area garnering substantial interest and growth is the Fullstack Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution, a comprehensive approach to managing the financial processes involved in healthcare organizations. By implementing a Fullstack RCM solution, healthcare providers can streamline their revenue generation process, improve patient satisfaction, and enhance financial performance.

An emerging trend that’s further enhancing the potential of Fullstack RCM solutions is the establishment of Centers of Excellence (CoE) in locations offering competitive tech talent, such as Mexico. Mexico has become a popular destination for tech companies looking for high-quality, cost-effective talent to drive their development needs. One such venture is the partnership between TurnKey, a Silicon Valley-based offshoring company, and Headspace, a pre-IPO Mental Health and Therapy Platform with a large U.S.-based development team.

Front-End Back-End
Roles User Interface, User Experience Data Management, Server-side logic
Tools HTML, CSS, JavaScript Python, SQL, Server setup
Impact Directly affects user interaction Ensures data integrity and system functionality

The Mexican Center of Excellence

TurnKey, a leader in Yourshoring software development, has demonstrated a remarkable success story in collaboration with Headspace. They established an R&D innovation center of excellence in Mexico to overcome local talent acquisition challenges in the United States.

Given the urgency and significance of the project, TurnKey ensured a swift and efficient hiring process. Within 30 days of contract signature, the first round of hires, including 2 Python Engineers and 4 Mobile Engineers, were on board. The success of the initial stages has led to an expansion of the initial plans for the center.

Benefits of the Center of Excellence Approach

The Center of Excellence approach offers numerous benefits, particularly in the realm of software development and RCM solutions. It facilitates a focused approach to learning, fostering innovation and specialized skill development.

Moreover, it allows for the creation of standardized processes and methodologies that enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and ultimately lead to an improved product or service.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Revenue Cycle with Fullstack Solutions

A Fullstack RCM solution encompasses the entire revenue cycle, from patient registration and insurance eligibility verification to billing, collections, and revenue generation. By managing all these elements, providers can ensure they maximize their revenue potential and reduce the likelihood of errors or missed charges. The implementation of such a solution requires a high level of expertise in software development, hence the significance of finding the right talent.

One research states that the global healthcare revenue cycle management market size was valued at USD 65.2 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.0% from 2021 to 2028 (by Grand View Research).

The Rise of Mexican Center of Excellence

Mexico is quickly becoming a tech hotspot, with a growing number of U.S. companies setting up development centers in the country. Among these is the innovative collaboration between TurnKey and Headspace. The partnership saw the creation of an R&D innovation center of excellence in Mexico, consisting of Python Engineers and Mobile Engineers with additional hiring underway.

This initiative proved successful, with the first round of hires completed within 30 days of contract signature, demonstrating Mexico’s competitive tech talent market. This case is an ideal example of leveraging global talent to enhance software development processes, reduce costs, and accelerate growth.

Headspace’s Mexican CoE Success
First Round of Hires: Python Engineers, Mobile Engineers
Time to Hire: Within 30 days of contract signature
Result: Plans for the center have been expanded based on early success

The Impact on Revenue Cycle Management

One of the significant benefits of establishing a Center of Excellence in Mexico is the ability to harness local talent to enhance and innovate existing systems. For example, the implementation of a Fullstack RCM solution can be expedited and fine-tuned, leading to better financial outcomes for healthcare providers.

TurnKey’ Role in Fullstack RCM Implementation

TurnKey offers a Dedicated Center of Excellence, specializing in driving software development. Their contribution to this endeavor is essential, delivering a powerful blend of expertise and value, as demonstrated in their partnership with Headspace.

The Future of RCM and Centers of Excellence

With the early success of this endeavor, it’s clear that Fullstack RCM solutions combined with a Center of Excellence is a model with significant potential. Companies like TurnKey are paving the way for future growth in this area.

As Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Companies like TurnKey and Headspace are clearly leading the way in this innovative approach.

Why don’t tech jokes work? Because they always have a ‘string’ attached!

Key Takeaways: A Model for Success

The Fullstack RCM solution, in combination with a Center of Excellence, represents a potent model for success. Key benefits include improved financial outcomes, access to a wider talent pool, and faster implementation times. The partnership between TurnKey and Headspace exemplifies this, with their successful innovation center in Mexico serving as a model for future endeavors.

In summary, Fullstack RCM solutions are revolutionizing healthcare revenue management, and the trend towards establishing Centers of Excellence in tech-rich, cost-effective regions like Mexico is enhancing this process. The success of the TurnKey and Headspace partnership serves as a potent case study for others to follow.


April 22, 2023

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