Breaking the Code: How Developers Shine Outside of Tech

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Behind every screen and keyboard, there’s an individual brimming with unique talents waiting to be unearthed. TurnKey deeply values developers as distinct individuals, and to celebrate this diversity, we’ve organized the “Devs Got Extra Talent” competition. This event not only offers developers a platform to showcase talents beyond coding but also presents an unparalleled networking opportunity. In this article, we will delve into these unexpected abilities and the vibrant personal facets of software developers that the competition aims to highlight.

TurnKey’s Initiative: From Coders to Stars in “Devs Got Talent”

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The journey of discovery is often paved with unexpected turns and delightful revelations. At TurnKey, we embarked on such a journey when we began our hiring spree for software developers. As we sifted through résumés and conducted interviews, a recurring theme emerged: developers were not just talented in coding, but they also possessed an array of unique and diverse talents outside their tech expertise.

In our quest for the best tech talent, we’ve uncovered poets, painters, and even percussionists. It’s a testament to how diverse and multi-dimensional the world of software development truly is.

Our recruitment team

From musical prodigies and masterful artists to adept jugglers and keen linguists, the tapestry of skills was both astounding and inspiring. Each developer brought more than just their coding prowess to the table; they brought stories, passions, and a wealth of experiences that enriched our company culture. It became evident that we had a reservoir of untapped potential and a myriad of talents.

At TurnKey, we don’t just hire coders; we value the multi-talented, the versatile, those who bring a splash of color to the binary world of ones and zeros.

TurnKey’s recruitment team

Inspired by these revelations, TurnKey envisioned a competition where these talents could shine beyond the confines of code and algorithms. And thus, “Devs Got Talent” was born. The goal was to make it more than the usual competition with prizes and shine a spotlight on the individuals behind the code, their passions, and their unique gifts. Our founders, Sterling Lanier and Boris Glants, share  more about the idea in the following video:

Titled “Devs Got (Extra) Talent!”, this unparalleled talent quest invites developers to flaunt skills outside of coding, including but not limited to singing, dancing, painting, and various other art forms.

This virtual contest will be moderated and judged by an illustrious panel comprising seasoned startup leaders and investors from Silicon Valley. The champion of this challenge will earn the title of “World’s Most Extra Talented Developer”, accompanied by a prize of $5,000.

This initiative is remarkable as it offers a golden platform to shatter preconceived notions about developers. It emphasizes the rich tapestry of talent within the software development realm. The anticipation to discover the myriad of hidden talents within our developer community is palpable.

Boris TurnKey’s CTO

“Devs Got Extra Talent” will unfold in four distinct rounds designed to keenly display the mettle and prowess of the participants.

  • Round One: At the outset, every participant has an equal opportunity to leave a mark. Entrants will submit their most innovative creative talents, and esteemed figures from the startup and venture capitalist world will pick the top 15 contestants that showcase extraordinary creativity, skill, and uniqueness. The first-round winners will receive a $200 prize.
  • Round Two: The selected 15 then up their game, curating a fresh performance for the judges to scrutinize and will be narrowed down to the Top 5 for the contest’s showdown. This round’s winner walks away with $500.
  • Showdown: Here, the top 5 finalists exhibit their ultimate performances under the spotlight. The stakes get even higher, as this pivotal stage relies on the weight of the online voting audience. The winner will be determined by popular choice; the developer who gathers the most votes will secure the crown.
  • Victory: The competition wraps up with the crowing of the ‘World’s Most Extra Talented Developer and the awarding of $5,000.

Looking for details on the rules and format? Check out this brief video for all the information you need!

Brief Introduction to the Software Development World

Before we unveil the hidden talents of software developers, let’s take a moment to explore the world they operate in. Often, developers are perceived as introverted individuals who spend their days huddled in front of a computer screen. While there may be some truth to this stereotype, it’s far from the complete picture.

Software development is a realm of endless possibilities, where creativity and problem-solving skills intertwine with logic and analysis. It’s a world where innovation flourishes and where developers constantly push boundaries to create technology that shapes our daily lives. So, let’s move beyond the stereotypes and shed light on the creative side of coding.

Imagine a bustling office filled with developers, each immersed in their own coding masterpiece. The air is filled with the soft hum of computers, as lines of code dance across screens like intricate choreography. In this dynamic environment, collaboration is key. Developers gather in huddles, brainstorming ideas and sharing insights, their collective knowledge shaping the software they create.

But the software development world is not confined to the four walls of an office. It extends far beyond, into a virtual realm where developers connect and collaborate across continents. Online communities and forums become their playgrounds, where they exchange knowledge, seek advice, and showcase their latest projects. The global nature of software development fosters a diverse and vibrant community, where ideas flow freely and boundaries are blurred.


And at the core of the software development process lies creativity. Developers are like artists, using lines of code as their paintbrushes to craft digital masterpieces. They envision elegant solutions to complex problems, transforming abstract concepts into tangible software. Just as a painter carefully selects colors to evoke emotions, developers meticulously choose algorithms and frameworks to bring their creations to life.

But creativity alone is not enough. Developers possess a unique blend of analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. They dissect complex problems, breaking them down into manageable pieces, and then reconstruct them into elegant solutions. It’s like solving a puzzle, where every line of code fits perfectly into the bigger picture. The satisfaction of seeing their creations come to life is what drives developers to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible.

So, the next time you think of a software developer, remember that they are not just introverted individuals hidden behind computer screens. They are creative problem solvers, innovators, and visionaries who shape the digital landscape we live in. Behind every line of code lies a story waiting to be told, and it’s time we appreciate the artistry and dedication that goes into creating the software that powers our world.

The Creative Side of Coding: Highlighting the Creativity Involved in Software Development

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When most people think of coding or software development, they often imagine a linear, methodical process akin to solving a math problem. While there is a significant logical component to coding, it is crucial to recognize that software development is as much an art as it is a science. The world of coding is vast, intricate, and beautifully imaginative.

1. Starting with a Blank Canvas

Just as a painter begins with a blank canvas or a writer with a blank page, a software developer starts with an empty code editor. This vast emptiness can be filled with lines of code that eventually transform into a functional software application, a visually stunning website, or an innovative mobile app. The potential is limitless, and the creation process is fueled by pure imagination.

2. Crafting User Experiences

Designing software isn’t just about functionality—it’s about the experience. Creating intuitive, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing interfaces requires a deep understanding of human behavior. This is where art meets psychology in the realm of software development.

3. Problem Solving with Flair

There’s rarely a single solution to a coding problem. Developers often have to think outside the box, innovating and devising creative solutions to complex challenges. Much like a composer crafting a symphony, developers harmonize various coding elements to create a cohesive, flowing user experience.

4. Artistry in Animation and Design

The visual aspects of software and web development, such as graphic design, animations, and UI/UX design, are clear intersections of art and coding. Developers often employ artistic principles to create visually striking and memorable digital landscapes.

5. Storytelling Through Code

Whether it’s a narrative-based video game or a brand’s website, there’s a story to be told. Developers play the role of digital storytellers, guiding users on a journey crafted meticulously through code and design.

6. The Symphony of Collaboration

Much like a band producing music, software development often requires collaboration. Different developers, with their unique skill sets and creative inputs, come together to produce a harmonized final product. This synergy is a dance of logic and creativity.

While the core essence of a software developer’s role revolves around coding and programming, this only scratches the surface of their vast potential. Beneath this technical prowess lies a diverse reservoir of talents that often go unnoticed and unappreciated. So, let’s look closer at the talents developers have apart from coding.

Exposing the Hidden Talents of Software Developers

Now that we’ve established the creative nature of coding, let’s dig into the hidden talents that software developers possess. Software developers, often viewed through the lens of their technical prowess, harbor a myriad of talents and hobbies that extend beyond the world of ones and zeros. Delving deeper into their personal interests reveals a tapestry of creativity and passion, juxtaposed with their professional personas. Let’s shed light on a few prominent figures in the tech industry:

Linus Torvalds, the genius behind the Linux kernel, immerses himself in the tranquil world of scuba diving. This underwater escapade provides a serene counterbalance to the complexities of operating system design.

Screenshot 2023 09 17 at 17.04.51

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, renowned as the inventor of the World Wide Web, channels his inner artist through music, playing both the keyboard and guitar. This melodic diversion allows him a rhythmic break from the structured world of web protocols.

Mark Zuckerberg, apart from crafting the social media behemoth Facebook, wields a foil and epee as a dedicated fencer. This physical discipline echoes his strategic mindset, albeit in a more tactile arena.The other half of the Google founding duo, Sergey Brin, has developed a passion for high-adrenaline activities, including high-altitude wind tunnel flying and gymnastics. These physically demanding hobbies offer a stark contrast to his day-to-day tech engagements.

Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript, has a penchant for nature photography. Away from the lines of code, he captures the beauty and intricacies of the natural world through his lens.

These illustrious figures exemplify that even in a field as specialized as software development, individuals have diverse interests. Embracing these multifaceted talents brings a holistic approach to innovation, proving that there’s much more to developers than meets the eye.

As you can see, software developers are not just confined to their coding keyboards. Their hidden talents in music, art, and sports reveal a diverse and fascinating side to their personalities. So the next time you meet a software developer, don’t be surprised if they impress you with their musical performance, showcase their artistic creations, or invite you to join them in a thrilling sports adventure.

To Wrap up

In an age where innovation is paramount, initiatives like “Devs Got (Extra) Talent!” by TurnKey Labs are more than just talent shows; they’re resounding appeals to embrace diversity, challenge stereotypes, and celebrate the multifaceted nature of individuals in the tech industry. By spotlighting the myriad of talents that software developers possess beyond their coding skills, we’re reminded that creativity and passion know no bounds. As the lines between technology and artistry continue to blur, we eagerly anticipate a future where such intersections are not just acknowledged but celebrated. After all, in the grand tapestry of progress, every thread – be it code, song, dance, or paint – adds value.

September 1, 2023

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