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Devs Got Extra Talent

Want to learn more about the next season of Devs Got Extra Talent?

🌟 Here's what happened last season on Devs Got Extra Talent!

Devs Got Extra Talent is dedicated to proving that developers have amazing talents far beyond just coding. And last season was no exception!

We had incredible participants from all around the world taking a shot at the grand prize.

🔥 In the end, the crown of “World's Most Extra Talented Developer” went to Kristján Kristmannsson from Reykjavik, Iceland!! 🏆

Check out his amazing performance right here! ➡️ ➡️ ➡️

What makes Devs Got Extra Talent so special?


Global Community

We bring together developers from around the globe. From Pythonistas in Bucharest to JavaScript Jedis in Bogota, Devs Got Extra Talent is a space for everyone to shine.

user community

Creative Showcase

Coding is an art form, but it's not the only one that great programmers possess. Devs Got Extra Talent provides a platform for coders to show us all the amazing talent they have beyond the keyboard!

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Competitive Fun

While we celebrate everyone who participates, there can only be one winner.  Devs Got Extra Talent brings out the best in each participant and provides an exciting platform to excel.

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How each season of Devs Got Talent works

🔍 Here's a breakdown of the process

Round 1

In the first round, all competitors are reviewed and evaluated based on their skills, creativity, and originality. The judges select the Top 15 most talented developers to move on to the next round.

Round 2

The Top 15 developers then make a second video of a new performance. The judges evaluate each of these performances and select the Top 5 to move onto the next round.

Round 3

The Top 5 developers deliver their final performance. The competition is opened for online voting and the developer with the most votes wins!

Round 4

The winner is publicly announced and the grand prize is awarded. But more importantly, the Champion gets to proudly adopt the title of "World's Most Talented Developer"!

Meet our hosts, who are responsible for making sure each contestant reaches their full potential!

Sterling Lanier
not much talent, which is why he is a host

Sterling Lanier

Co-Founder,CEO at TurnKey

Sterling Lanier - linkedin
Boris Glants
wishing he had artistic talent is his talent

Boris Glants

Co-Founder,CTO at TurnKey

Boris Glants - linkedin

Devs Got Extra Talent has global reach


Here's one big reason you should participate in the next season of Devs Got Extra Talent: the world is watching!

🌟 Grab your chance to be a star…

📊 By The Numbers

📊 By The Numbers

Over 50,000 votes

cast to select the winner!

19 Countries

participated in the competition!



400,000+ views

750,000+ impressions

Do you want to participate in the next exciting season of Devs Got Extra Talent?💡

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    Finally the world will judge mefor my clarinet skills alone... judge

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