Unleash Your Creativity

Compete in the TurnKey Art Challenge!

ART Turnkey

Create an illustration that visually and creatively captures what makes TurnKey so unique and win $5,000!


Design a piece of art that encapsulates what makes TurnKey so special. Just read the creative brief and start your imagination!


Any art style goes, from street to surrealism. The bolder and more inventive, the better!

art wallet

In order to submit your illustration for the contest, simply post it on your Instagram, LinkedIn, or Behance account and tag #TurnKeyArtFest and #TurnKey_Staffing in your post. Also, please use this sentence as the description for your post: “I am participating in ArtFest by TurnKey Staffing - The #1 Offshore Tech Staffing Firm!


The faster you publish your artwork - the more people can see and vote for it!


The artist with the most imaginative illustration that nails our creative brief will not only win a cool $3,000 but also see their artistry shine across TurnKey's marketing campaigns. But wait there's more! Second place gets $1,000 and third place gets $500, plus there is an additional $500 for the illustration that garners the most likes. Get set to dazzle!


Every awesome artist who participates will get our cool "Guide to Digital Creation in a Fully Remote World"!

What you should know about TurnKey:


TurnKey is the
#1 Offshore Tech Staffing Firm

TurnKey helps fast growing tech companies find, pay and retain the Top 3% of development talent in Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Here's what makes
TurnKey different - and better!


Unlike other staffing agencies that keep a "bench" of developers, we custom recruit each developer from scratch so the client always gets a perfect fit.


We have a robust talent retention program that reduces developer churn by more than 50% compared to our competitors.


We are the only firm that ALWAYS tells clients exactly how much their developers make and what each fee on their invoice is for; everyone else keeps clients in the dark about compensation.


We act as the Employer of Record in each country where the client wants to hire developers, and we offer more comprehensive legal and HR protection than any other firm on the market.

We get clients the Top 3% of developers in Latin America & Eastern Europe.



  • Flag image MexicoMexico
  • Flag image ColombiaColombia
  • Flag image BrazilBrazil
  • Flag image Costa RicaCosta Rica
  • Flag image GuatemalaGuatemala
  • Flag image EcuadorEcuador
  • Flag image UruguayUruguay


  • Flag image PolandPoland
  • Flag image UkraineUkraine
  • Flag image RomaniaRomania
  • Flag image BulgariaBulgaria
  • Flag image Czech RepublicCzech Republic
  • Flag image LatviaLatvia
  • Flag image LithuaniaLithuania
  • Flag image EstoniaEstonia

Need more inspiration?

Check out this interview with the winner of another awesome contest we held: a global talent competition for software developers called Devs Got Extra Talent!

Ready to take part in TurnKey’s super awesome Art Challenge?

All you need to do is make a post with your illustration on social media and tag #TurnKeyArtFest!

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Dive in, start sketching and let your creativity run wild! We can’t wait to see your brilliance.

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