Worry Free Employer of Record Services:

no headaches, no liability, no BS.

TurnKey takes the administrative complexity and legal risk out of finding, hiring and paying tech talent in Eastern Europe & Latin America.

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breathe easy?
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Put an international legal and payroll expert in your pocket.

TurnKey's specialized legal and HR teams allow you to quickly and legally hire and pay offshore talent - and fully protects you from any potential risks or liabilities.

Here's what
that means

user no hiring risks no hidden taxes

Legal exposure be gone.

TurnKey clients are completely shielded from any real or perceived employment or tax liability, which helps streamline customer contracts, fundraising and/or exits.

We have all the legal mechanisms in place to mitigate any potential risks of hiring offshore and continually monitor changes in law in each country to eliminate any exposure.


Compliance you can count on.

TurnKey ensures that your offshore team is fully compliant with all local employment laws and tax regulations.


The IP is 100% yours.

Each member of your custom recruited TurnKey team signs agreements - based in the local law of the country - assigning all IP rights to you.

We also conduct comprehensive background checks on all candidates (education, employment history, criminal record, and more).


Zero administrative hassle.

You get one monthly invoice for your entire team and we handle all the rest (legal, tax, pension, benefits, compliance, payroll, and accounting).

We are also highly flexible based on your needs: every country is unique so we don't apply a one-size-fits-all legal approach as you expand into new offshore locations.

We've got you fully covered across
Eastern Europe and Latin America


Everything you just read above summarized in a graphic your mom will understand:




We handle the nasty stuff ☹️

(legal, taxes, payroll, benefits, etc.)


You get the awesome stuff 😍

(intellectual property, talent, product)

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