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Devoted readers of our blog will recognize that we’ve embarked on a vast exploration, scrutinizing software development ecosystems across the globe.  As a global provider of offshoring software development services, we’ve come to understand that working with different countries can be likened to tasting various flavors of ice cream. Although they’re all delightful in their own right, each is wonderfully distinctive and brings something different to the party.

We have already plunged into the spicy rhythms of LatAm and carefully examined the hearty beats of Ukraine. With each step of our journey, we uncovered unique insights and experiences. But our voyage of discovery is far from over!” Next up is Poland.

What’s so special about Poland’s software development scene that I, your dependable guide, am urging you not to overlook? At TurnKey, we’re perpetually in pursuit of excellence for our clients, which led me to roll up my sleeves and vigorously explore the Polish software development landscape.

With Poland, I’ve found a flavor that is not just delectable, but also packs a punch with an excellent ecosystem for tech businesses. This gem of Eastern Europe, with a rich history, a resilient spirit, and a skilled workforce, is buzzing with potential. And the best part… it’s often overlooked, obscured by the shadow of other software offshoring hotspots. Keep reading for the exclusive, cutting-edge insights that I’ve gathered.

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Overview of The Poland Software Development Landscape

Are you ready to deep dive into the vibrant waters of the Polish software development landscape? Why is Poland making such waves in the tech sector?

Offshoring to Poland | TurnKey

Technology Stack

Poland is rapidly emerging as a magnetic hub for software development outsourcing and offshoring. This tech-stronghold boasts a substantial reservoir of talented software developers. With skills in languages like JS, Java, and Python, they are not just coders, but seem like talented acrobats making light work of complex scripting, reminiscent of a circus plate spinner.

And that’s not all! There’s a battalion of .NET, C, C++, and PHP maestros, along with a solid squad of Cloud and DevOps specialists. Poland is like opening a treasure chest of talent.

Local Tech Hubs

Boasting several tech hubs across the country, Poland has weaved a vibrant tapestry of technical expertise. Krakow, Warsaw, and Wroclaw are the big three, leading the pack with a considerable concentration of tech professionals. The largest offshore development center is in Krakow, a city that’s as famous for its software engineers as it is for its magnificent castles. And Warsaw, the capital, is like the Hollywood of the tech industry, drawing a myriad of technology companies towards its high economic potential. In this race, Wroclaw isn’t far behind with an army of over 52,500 professional software developers. Talk about a thriving software development team!

Moving on to the lesser-known tech hubs, we have Katowice, Poznan, and Gliwice, each boasting its own community of software engineers.

To give you a flavor of the nation’s progress, here are some compelling numbers, concerning software developers, ICT graduates, and tech companies, from key Polish cities:

Offshoring to Poland | TurnKey

Economical and Government Support

The tech market here is not just about foreign giants setting up shop. Poland also has a suitable tax policy and a favorable economic environment for software offshoring. The Polish economy supports numerous homegrown Polish companies, shining in the software development and offshoring market, and adding a local flavor to the global mix. Polish outsourcing companies and Polish software development teams are stepping up to the plate, challenging international players, and carving their own niche. And trust me, they’re hitting it out of the park!

Poland’s technology landscape isn’t just about coding. It’s also about data security. Being a member of the European Union, the country has stringent data regulations that ensure your software development projects are protected.

To sum it up, whether you’re looking at software development projects or long-term software development services, the Polish offshoring scene is bustling with possibilities. From a robust tech industry to skilled development teams, and efficient software development processes to a competitive software development market – Poland ticks all the boxes.

Next time someone mentions offshoring to Eastern European countries, you know why Poland should top the list. It’s the perfect blend of talent, technology, and a booming economy. In the world of software development, Poland is not just playing the game; it’s changing it!

Don't Settle for Mediocre Software Development. Choose TurnKey and Unleash the Full Potential of Your Products.

Now that you have glimpsed the depth of this bustling talent pool, it’s time to unravel the origins of this gifted crew.

Developing Engineering Talent from The Ground Up

You might be wondering where all these awesome Polish software developers come from.  It turns out they’ve been meticulously molded and shaped into a highly skilled workforce in Poland’s top-notch educational institutions.

Through my research, I discovered that it all comes down to a strong degree of specialization in niche domains and specific technologies. We’re talking about a country with the highest presence of software, technology, and mechanical engineering talent in the region. Polish developers are renowned worldwide for their technical expertise and problem-solving skills, making them the dream team for your next software development services gig.

When it comes to education, especially in the engineering and technical arena, Poland has a solid track record of high-ranked academic institutions. Future software developers are cutting their teeth on the latest in software development processes and technology.

Polish ICT education | TurnKey

Not surprisingly, all this engineering magic begins in Poland’s top universities. Warsaw University of Technology takes the top spot, a revered institution renowned for its scientific and technical programs. Following close are AGH University of Science and Technology, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poznan University of Technology, Gdansk University of Technology, Silesian University of Technology, and Lodz University of Technology. Each of these universities boasts a strong focus on engineering and technology, offering a wide array of programs that serve as launchpads for aspiring software developers.

With more than 16,000 tech graduates annually and a constant influx of talent from neighboring countries like Ukraine and Belarus, the term ‘software development partner’ is almost synonymous with Poland!

Speaking of graduates, Poland churns out around 100,000+ engineering grads annually. Among them is a generous supply of qualified local tech talent ready to dive into the intricate world of software development.

The silver lining here lies in the fact that not only are the vast majority of Poles comfortable with English, but they also exhibit a standard level of digital proficiency. Moreover, this resource pool is expanding annually.

Now, let’s shift our focus and look closer at the most notable benefits of software outsourcing or offshoring to Poland.

Advantages of Software Engineering Offshoring in Poland

Advantages of Software Engineering Offshoring in Poland

With the scent of fresh pierogi in the air, let’s dive into the meat and potatoes of our little Polish tech excursion – the advantages of software engineering offshoring in Poland.

A Blooming Tech Sector and Exceptional Talent

As we embark on our Polish tech exploration, let’s kick off by examining the massive growth in the Polish tech sector. If this expansion were a movie, it’d be that summer blockbuster everyone talks about for years. But this isn’t a tale of mere numbers. It’s the story of world-class technical talent that Poland cultivates like a well-tended garden. Polish software developers are not just good, they’re practically code whisperers, turning seemingly abstract lines into intricate software masterpieces.

The Agile Advantage

If you’re a fan of the Agile model for tech offshoring, consider Poland your personal paradise. The Agile philosophy is so deeply ingrained in the work culture here that their software projects flow as smoothly as a beautifully choreographed ballet.

Superior Technical Infrastructure

But hold onto your hats, folks, because it’s not just about the talent. The technical infrastructure in Poland is something that could make even Silicon Valley blush. From avant-garde tech parks to fiber-optic internet spanning even the countryside, the digital landscape here is as reliable as a beloved family recipe.

Work Culture and Language Proficiency

Working with Poland offers a comfortable familiarity. The work culture aligns neatly with the Western ethos, ensuring a shared understanding of work ethics. Plus, English proficiency in Poland is as commonplace as good humor, which significantly reduces language barriers.

Global Services Location Index (GSLI) and EU Compliance

Another ace in the deck for offshoring to Poland is the country’s impressive Global Services Location Index (GSLI) ranking. Say goodbye to those pesky midnight conference calls – Polish time zones have got you covered. These both mean you’re getting top-tier services in a location that’s not only convenient but also compliant with EU regulations.

A Cost-Effective Choice

Now, let’s talk about the big, juicy cherry on top – the cost. With the remarkably low labor costs in Poland, you can secure highly trained, world-class software developers without draining your coffers.

By now, you are likely wondering how Poland stacks up again other destinations, like those in Asia.

Poland vs. Asian Countries

Well, I think it’s a bit like comparing apples and oranges. While both regions have their strengths, Poland’s geographical location and the distinct benefits it brings are hard to dismiss. With major software companies setting up shop in Poland, it’s clear where the industry trendsetters are placing their bets.

With such an array of benefits, the question practically answers itself. Whether you’re hunting for top-tier talent, cost-efficiency, or a favorable location, Poland checks all the boxes. And the pierogis? Well, consider those a delicious bonus!  I thinking if I tell you who has already set up shop in Poland, you will understand my excitement better.

What About Offshoring to Poland? TurnKey is Ready to Help!

What Global Companies Choose to Offshore Tech Services to Poland

Many international companies, I’m talking about the big fish like Google and Microsoft, have taken quite a fancy to Poland for their software development needs. Isn’t that something?


This powerhouse among international companies has not only set up camp in Warsaw for a bit of sightseeing. They are one of the key foreign companies taking part in business process outsourcing, with a strong focus on software development.


Microsoft, another titan in the lineup of international companies, has several teams actively engaged in software development in Poland. Their presence illustrates the attractiveness of Poland’s software offshoring industry.


Known worldwide, IBM stands tall among the offshoring companies with multiple software development centers across Poland. They’re busy churning out software solutions that power businesses globally.


Nokia, another giant among foreign companies, is making waves in Wroclaw, focusing on the development and testing of telecommunications systems as part of its offshoring strategy.


Intel has embraced the perks of the Polish offshoring industry. With R&D centers in Gdansk and Krakow, they’re deeply involved in software development for their latest technologies.


This international consulting titan is also one of the companies offshoring software development services. Their Polish offices serve as hubs for software development and tech consulting, making a significant impact on the local tech scene.

Poland’s robust talent pool, attractive costs, stable economy and strong tech infrastructure have positioned it as a preferred choice among offshoring destinations for many international companies.  So why do you need an offshore partner like TurnKey?

Why Offshore Software Development Services to Poland with TurnKey?

In the rapidly evolving world of software development, Eastern Europe, specifically Poland, is emerging as a compelling offshoring destination. Known for having the highest density of advanced tech expertise and a rich history of international collaboration, the country ensures a seamless transition for offshoring and nearshoring software development services. So, if you think it’s the right time for offshoring your software development, Poland can be your best choice.  If you’re not sure about the timing, check out this video with our CEO, Sterling Lanier, who discusses when is the time for offshoring.

Now that you have your offshore destination, the next task is to choose the right partner in this flourishing offshoring market. I believe TurnKey stands out, and here’s why.

Clients Trust Us

This case study is just one of the many success stories we take pride in. You can explore more examples of how we’ve assisted our clients here.

Diib, a venture-backed startup, automating SEO for small and medium-sized businesses, needed to revamp its engineering team, software development process, and infrastructure to meet customer demands. We helped diib recruit top professionals, establish a dual design and scrum development process, and automate their CI/CD pipeline. TurnKey’s involvement professionalized diib’s operations and enhanced their product features, while their ability to retain top talent aligned with diib’s core culture. The collaboration propelled diib’s growth and solidified their position in the SEO automation market.

TurnKey’s people professionalized our company from the processes they’ve implemented to the product features they’ve developed. TurnKey has the uncanny ability to recruit top professionals to our cause who don’t churn. They are critical to diib’s core culture.
DanielCEO & Founder of diib

Only Top Talents

We take pride in working with the top 3% of talent in any location, including Poland. Our recruitment process is thorough and customized to your needs, ensuring you always get the best fit for your culture and project. We value great English skills, a professional mindset, and a hyper-modern approach to technology. With TurnKey, you never have to worry about micromanagement, as our team exhibits super-high productivity levels and a culturally Western approach to work.

Stop Losing Devs

We do not stop at just custom recruiting; we make sure your team remains motivated and committed through our proprietary retention programs. As your offshoring partner, we act as a supercharged HR team, significantly reducing churn and ensuring a stable, reliable team for your software development projects.

Cost of Churn | TurnKey

Legal Hassle Gone

And the best part? Our Rest Easy! Promise guarantees that we handle all administrative duties and liability exposure. This means you get to focus solely on your core competency: building great software. Whether you’re offshoring or nearshoring, choosing TurnKey provides you with our best-in-breed capabilities, making us stand out among software development companies.

Don't Let Administrative Headaches Slow You Down. Choose TurnKey and Focus on Building Great Software While We Handle the Rest.

So, when you’re exploring the offshoring market or considering nearshore software development services in Poland, TurnKey is not a regular outsourcing company—it’s a trusted partner committed to your success.

Our Pricing Models: Staff Augmentation vs. DDT vs. CoE

Looking to offshore or outsource your software development to Poland? Great choice! TurnKey is here to facilitate this journey with our versatile pricing models, tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses like yours. Yes, we believe every business is as distinct as a fingerprint, and we respect that individuality. That’s why we offer an array of flexible pricing models tailored to meet your specific requirements. Let’s explore these pricing options together and find which one suits you the best:

Staff Augmentation

(Perfect choice for companies that need extra firepower on their existing dev teams.)

Sometimes, you find yourself in a bit of a pickle, scrambling to meet deadlines or needing some extra horsepower to tackle unexpected challenges. Don’t sweat it, my friend. TurnKey’s Custom Recruitment is here to save the day! We excel at remote software development team extension, swiftly hooking you up with top talent. We seamlessly integrate these custom software development superheroes into your existing team, so you can power through projects faster than a bullet train.

Recruiting in TurnKey

DDT (Dedicated Development Team)

(Ideal for you if you’re building core development team.)

Imagine the adrenaline rush of driving your everyday car powered by jet fuel. Pretty cool, right? That’s exactly the kind of turbo-charged efficiency our DDT service bring to your software development needs. With a dedicated team by your side, you’ll have access to world-class developers who aren’t just a lucky draw based on proximity to your HQ. We’re talking about the best of the best, handpicked from a global talent pool. You call the shots, control the process, and get more bang for your buck. Offshore dedicated teams are like a secret weapon, turbocharging your development capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

unnamed 29

CoE (Center of Excellence)

(Best choice for companies looking to build an R&D hub with 50+ staff.)

Welcome to the big leagues! With TurnKey’s CoE service, we become your operational partner, helping you set up an offshore R&D hub that’s second to none. Think of us as your software development wingman, providing the infrastructure and expertise to create a true Center of Excellence hub. We custom recruit top talent, ensuring that your team is packed with the crème de la crème of software developers. Plus, we handle all the nitty-gritty details, from hiring developers for key roles to managing the infrastructure, so you can focus on what you do best: building kickass code.

unnamed 30

And no matter which offshore model and service tickles your fancy, TurnKey has your back. We’re all about making software development a breeze, whether you’re offshoring to Poland, exploring other Eastern European countries, or even venturing into the exciting world of Latin America. So pick up the phone, my friend, and get ready for a software development journey that’s tailor-made for your business. With TurnKey, success is just a few lines of code away.


What are the five crucial considerations when choosing an offshoring partner?

When thinking about offshoring to Poland or anywhere else, you first need to clearly understand your business needs and software development goals.

  • Research potential offshoring companies, looking closely at their expertise, especially in software development offshoring.
  • Consider their communication effectiveness and financial stability to ensure they can be a long-term software development partner.
  • Lastly, verify their compliance with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect your data security.

What is the best approach to choosing a city in Poland for offshoring software development?

When choosing a city in Poland for offshoring software development, it's crucial to consider the local tech talent pool, economic stability, and cost of living. Polish cities like Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw are bustling tech hubs, rich with skilled developers. Also, look for cities with excellent international connectivity, a business-friendly environment, and cultural compatibility, making it easier to navigate the software development process.

Is Poland the land of the new opportunity for offshoring?

Yes, Poland, a Central and Eastern Europe country, is swiftly becoming a major outsourcing destination. Its attractiveness stems from a large pool of highly skilled workforce, particularly Polish software developers, robust infrastructure, and strategic location. With lower labor costs compared to Western European countries and a thriving tech scene in cities like Warsaw and Krakow, Poland is becoming a hub for international companies looking to offshore software development. The steady Polish economy and pro-business environment further bolster its position as a land of opportunity in the offshoring industry.

July 25, 2023

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