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The need to expand your software development team is paramount. As companies strive to stay competitive and deliver cutting-edge solutions, traditional methods of team expansion often come with their own set of challenges and complexities. The limitations of geographical constraints, competition for local talent, and the hurdles associated with outsourcing and freelancing can hinder growth.

However, there is a refreshing alternative — TurnKey and their unique YourShoring model. YourShoring offers a revolutionary approach to offshore tech staffing, providing an effective solution to these challenges. With YourShoring, you can take control of your development team, ensuring that it’s custom-recruited and perfectly aligned with your needs and culture. Say goodbye to common offshore staffing headaches, and say hello to full transparency, remarkable talent retention, and a shield against legal complexities. It’s time to explore how YourShoring can transform your software development team into a powerhouse of innovation and efficiency.

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Different Techniques to Expand Your Software Team

Hiring In-House

Hiring in-house software developers has long been the conventional choice for businesses looking to expand their software development teams. This approach offers a unique set of benefits and drawbacks that deserve careful consideration.

One of the primary benefits of in-house hiring is the ability to have your software developers physically present at your company’s location. This fosters direct and immediate communication, seamless collaboration, and a profound integration of developers into your company’s culture and projects. In-house teams often excel at understanding the nuances of your business and project requirements, which can result in highly tailored solutions.

However, in-house hiring is not without its challenges. Geographical constraints can limit your access to a local talent pool, especially if your company is situated in an area with fierce competition for tech talent. The intense competition for local developers can drive up labor costs, making it increasingly difficult to attract and retain top-tier talent.


Outsourcing has often been the go-to solution for companies in need of quick fixes. It’s like ordering takeout when you don’t have time to cook – convenient for a moment, but hardly the way to nourish long-term growth. Outsourcing, while it has its merits, is essentially a short-term solution.

For startups looking to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or established companies seeking a temporary boost in technical capabilities, outsourcing can make sense. It provides a quick injection of talent and expertise without the long-term commitment.

However, for tech companies with grand visions and a need for consistent, high-quality development, outsourcing falls short. It’s like renting a hotel room when you could build your dream home. Temporary teams that follow an outsourcing model serve their purpose, but they lack the personalization and commitment that a dedicated, custom-recruited development team can offer.

So, if you’re looking for more than just a temporary fix, it’s time to consider a better way – one that aligns with your long-term vision and ensures your project’s success. That’s where offshore tech staffing, not outsourcing, comes into play.

Freelancing and Independent Contractors

Ah, freelancing – the wild west of the tech world. It’s a land of freedom, creativity, and unpredictable adventures. But make no mistake, it’s also a territory where control and risk diversification often take a back seat.

For those seeking extreme cost savings and willing to navigate the chaotic terrain, freelancing can be an option. After all, you pay only for the work you need, right? Well, that’s where the simplicity ends.

When you hire freelancers, you’re essentially signing up for a rollercoaster ride with little control. Project timelines can become a game of chance, quality can vary, and communication may be a struggle. Plus, freelancers often juggle multiple projects, making your project just one of many in their queue.

Risk diversification? Forget it. If a freelancer drops the ball, you’re left with the pieces to pick up. There’s no safety net, no dedicated team to ensure your project’s success.

So, yes, freelancing can be an option when extreme cost savings are necessary. But be prepared for the adventure, where uncertainty reigns supreme, and success is far from guaranteed. If you’re seeking a more stable, reliable, and tailored approach, offshore tech staffing might just be your lifeline in this unpredictable world.

The TurnKey Difference: YourShoring

For businesses seeking efficient ways to expand their software development teams, the YourShoring model offered by TurnKey shines as a truly unique and effective approach to offshore tech staffing.  

Advantages of YourShoring with TurnKey

TurnKey presents a groundbreaking solution known as YourShoring. This unique approach to offshore tech staffing is designed to revolutionize how companies expand their development teams. YourShoring offers a host of advantages that address common pain points associated with traditional software team extension techniques. Let’s delve into the top benefits of YourShoring and how they make a difference.

Custom-Recruited Developers

At the heart of YourShoring lies the art of custom recruitment. Unlike other companies that maintain benches of available candidates, TurnKey takes a different approach. Your needs are our compass. We handpick professionals from the market, aligning their skills and expertise with your project requirements. Each candidate undergoes rigorous testing led by our tech experts, ensuring that only the best make it to your team. No more mismatches, no more costly corrections. In under three weeks, we find you the perfect match, saving you substantial costs and eliminating team dynamics issues.

Talent Retention Program

High employee turnover can be a massive drain, especially in the tech industry. YourShoring’s talent retention program is designed to be exceptional. We continuously monitor the probability of employee turnover and take proactive measures to retain talent, all while improving their working conditions. If retention becomes too expensive, we provide recommendations for replacements. By keeping tech professionals for the long term, you save significantly on hiring and training costs, enhancing your cost-efficiency.

Legal Support

No hidden fees, no mysteries. With YourShoring, pricing is fully transparent. We share the real developer’s salary with you and reveal our fixed fees. Moreover, you have the power to adjust the rates to suit your specific needs. This way, you have full control over your costs, ensuring you get the senior developers you need without any salary discrepancies hidden in fees.

Transparent Pricing

One of the most significant challenges in offshoring software development is the lack of transparency when it comes to pricing. It’s not uncommon for businesses to be in the dark about how much their developers are actually paid, creating an unsettling lack of control over developer compensation and behavior.

With YourShoring, you have complete transparency. You know exactly how much your developers get paid, which is a game-changer in the world of offshore tech staffing. This transparency empowers you with control over your development team. It’s not just about having developers; it’s about dictating their compensation and shaping their behavior.

Traditional expansion methods often leave companies in the dark about their developers’ compensation, resulting in a lack of control and potentially adverse consequences. YourShoring addresses this pain point with a pricing model that is crystal clear and empowering.

Extend Your Software Development Team with TurnKey

Addressing Common Pain Points

YourShoring stands out as a modern and effective solution that tackles the common challenges associated with traditional development team extension techniques. Whether it’s the struggle to find the right talent, retain top developers, navigate legal complexities, or maintain pricing transparency, YourShoring provides the answer.

Overcoming Talent Shortages: YourShoring eliminates the limitations of geographical constraints and competition for local talent. With a global talent pool at your disposal, you can custom-recruit developers who align perfectly with your needs and culture, ensuring that your team is always the right fit.

Boosting Retention Rates: The high turnover rate of developers is a persistent issue in the tech industry. YourShoring’s talent retention program dramatically reduces churn by creating an environment where developers are emotionally connected to your company’s success. It’s more than just a job; it’s a partnership in growth.

Simplifying Legal and Administrative Tasks: Managing legal and administrative aspects in multiple locations can be a time-consuming and challenging process. YourShoring simplifies this complexity with comprehensive offshore tech staffing services, including expert legal support. TurnKey takes care of all the necessary paperwork, contracts, and arrangements to seamlessly onboard your chosen developers into your existing team.

Providing Pricing Transparency: Traditional expansion methods often lack transparency when it comes to pricing. YourShoring introduces a pricing model that is completely transparent. You have complete control over developer compensation, ensuring that you can manage your team effectively and align their behavior with your goals.

In conclusion, YourShoring with TurnKey is not just another expansion method; it’s a transformative approach to offshore tech staffing. By offering custom-recruited developers, a talent retention program, legal support, and transparent pricing, YourShoring tackles the common pain points associated with traditional expansion techniques. It’s a solution that empowers companies to build software development teams that not only meet their needs but also drive innovation, efficiency, and success. With YourShoring, you can experience the advantages of offshore development without the usual challenges, making it a game-changing strategy in the ever-evolving world of software development.

Challenges in Software Development Team Expansion

Extended software development team is often seen as a positive step toward growth and innovation. However, it comes with its fair share of challenges, which can be daunting if not managed effectively. This section will delve into some of the key challenges that companies face when expanding their software development teams and how YourShoring, the innovative model offered by TurnKey, addresses these issues.

Talent Scarcity and Competition

Nowadays, skilled professionals are in high demand. The scarcity of talent, especially in emerging technologies and niche areas, can make it challenging to find the right people for your team. Traditional methods, like in-house hiring or outsourcing, may not provide the necessary agility to access top talent quickly.

YourShoring offers access to a global talent pool, ensuring that you can custom-recruit developers who meet your specific needs. With a focus on the top 3% of talent, TurnKey ensures that your development team is composed of high-caliber professionals who can drive your projects forward.

High Turnover Rates

The tech industry is notorious for high turnover rates. Retaining top developers and ensuring that they remain committed to your company can be a significant challenge. Traditional expansion methods, such as outsourcing or freelancing, may not provide the stability and loyalty that an in-house team offers.

With an innovative talent retention program, YourShoring reduces annual churn to less than 10%. Your developers become loyal and deeply integrated into your company’s culture, creating an environment where they are emotionally connected to your collective success. This stability is a game-changer for long-term project consistency and quality.

Legal and Administrative Complexities

When expanding your development team, especially with offshore teams in multiple locations, you encounter a range of legal and administrative complexities. Different countries have their own labor laws, tax regulations, and compliance requirements, which can be challenging to navigate.

YourShoring acts as your legal shield. TurnKey handles all the necessary paperwork, contracts, and arrangements, ensuring that you never have to worry about liabilities associated with hiring and paying developers offshore. This comprehensive offshore tech staffing service simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

Communication and Collaboration Barriers

Effective communication and collaboration are critical in software development. When working with remote teams, issues related to varying time zones, language differences, and cultural disparities can hinder project progress. Maintaining a collaborative and cohesive team can be a significant challenge.

YourShoring is designed to foster effective collaboration and communication within your development team. Even when team members are geographically dispersed, TurnKey uses tools and practices to ensure seamless interaction. Your development team becomes an extension of your company, working in alignment with your culture and goals.

Quality Consistency

Ensuring consistent quality across all aspects of a project can be a daunting task when coordinating multiple developers or teams. Freelancers, for example, may have varying work standards, making it challenging to maintain the expected quality.

YourShoring offers a dedicated team that works exclusively for your company, ensuring quality consistency. Custom-recruited developers are aligned with your project standards and goals, allowing you to maintain the expected quality throughout your projects.

Expanding a software development team is a significant step towards achieving growth and innovation, but it’s essential to navigate the challenges effectively. YourShoring with TurnKey offers a transformative solution that addresses these challenges head-on, providing a model that custom-recruits developers, retains top talent, handles legal complexities, fosters communication, and ensures quality consistency. It’s a comprehensive approach that paves the way for efficient and successful software development team expansion.

Summing Up

Software development team extension is not just about growing in numbers; it’s about finding the perfect fit for your team, ensuring stability, navigating complexities, fostering collaboration, and maintaining quality. The challenges of software development team expansion are real, but with YourShoring by TurnKey, these challenges become opportunities. YourShoring offers a unique approach that custom-recruits developers, retains talent, handles legal intricacies, facilitates communication, and ensures consistent quality. It’s a game-changer in the software development landscape, transforming expansion into a seamless journey. With YourShoring, companies can extend their dedicated development team with confidence, knowing that they have the right partner to help them navigate the path to success.


What sets YourShoring apart from traditional offshore staffing models?

YourShoring offers a unique approach that custom-recruits developers, reduces churn, provides legal support, and ensures pricing transparency. Unlike traditional offshore models, YourShoring marries the best of various expansion techniques, providing the flexibility of outsourcing, cost-efficiency of freelancing, and stability of in-house hiring, all in one package.

How does YourShoring handle legal and administrative complexities associated with offshore teams?

YourShoring simplifies legal and administrative tasks by acting as your legal shield. TurnKey Labs takes care of all the necessary paperwork, contracts, and arrangements, ensuring that you never have to worry about liabilities associated with hiring and paying developers offshore. It's a stress-free solution that allows you to focus on your core business objectives.

Can YourShoring cater to industry-specific software development needs?

Absolutely. YourShoring is versatile and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of different industries. TurnKey Labs has the expertise to provide customized solutions for various sectors, whether it's healthcare, fintech, e-commerce, or any other industry. Your development team becomes an extension of your company, aligned with your industry's unique demands and goals.

November 8, 2023

TurnKey Staffing provides information for general guidance only and does not offer legal, tax, or accounting advice. We encourage you to consult with professional advisors before making any decision or taking any action that may affect your business or legal rights.

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