Lead/Senior Data Analyst

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About the Company

BellXcel company has internal product Arly, it’s a time-saving digital tools for youth program directors and their staff so they can spend less time dealing with their program logistics and paperwork, and more time focused on what truly matters most: elevating the potential of youth.

Product’s users: Program Directors, Certified Teachers, Facilitators, Program Administrators, counselors, guardian/parents, youth Directors, Youth volunteers, program volunteers.
Stack: Azure hosted, VueJS, .net, eslastic search, Stripe for payment processing.

BellXcel is looking for a highly skilled and versatile individual to join our Product team as a Data Anlyst/Data Engineer. This blended role combines the responsibilities of a data analyst and data engineer, focusing on extracting, analyzing, and interpreting data while also designing and maintaining data infrastructure. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in leveraging data to drive insights, support decision making, and optimize our data systems and processes. 

Position Accountabilities

Data Analysis:

Data Engineering:

 Data Integration and Transformation:

 Collaboration and Communication:


Preferred Qualifications:

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